OK Industries Battery Operated PTX Wire Wrapping and Unwrapping Kits

Wire Wrapping: Safer and More Reliable than Soldering

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What's special about this wire connection kit?

  • Provides excellent alternative to soldering which can increase risk of injury or damage from extreme heat
  • Designed by a certified ergonomist for your comfort and reduced chance of injury to the hand and wrist from repetitive motion
  • Battery operated tools makes them easy to use in any setting or job site
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Wire wrapping is a method of making a wire connection by coiling the bare wire around the sharp corners of a terminal under mechanical tension. A principle advantage of wire wrapping is that it provides a high-reliability connection that is also easily removed to correct or modify a wiring layout.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
OKI-PTX-KIT1OK Industries 115V Battery Tool Kit
(tool, charger, batteries [2])
3.37 lbs
OKI-PTX-KIT1DHOKI-PTX-KIT1 115V Kit with DFB224 (bit and sleeve) and H1000 (pouch)3.69 lbs
OKI-PTX-KIT2OK Industries 230V Battery Tool Kit
(tool, charger, batteries [2])
3.37 lbs
  • Wrapping action causes the oxide layer on both wire and terminal to be crushed or sheared, resulting in a clean, oxide-free metal-to-metal contact
  • Lightweight, well-balanced construction keeps you from fatiguing while working making you more efficient
  • Comes complete with recessed wrap and unwrap switch making it easy to access and because it is positioned in the rear of the tool, it is protected in a fall
  • Compatible with the full range of industry standard bits and sleeves
  • Choose from 115V and 230V battery charger kits to suit your needs
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA  USA


OKI-PTX-KIT1 115V Battery Wrap/Unwrap Tool

  - Wire wrap/unwrap tool
  - 115V Battery Charger
  - 3.6V NiMH Batteries [2]


OKI-PTX-KIT1DH 115V Battery Wrap/Unwrap Kit

  - Wire wrap/unwrap tool
  - 115V Battery Charger
  - 3.6V NiMH Batteries [2]
  - DFB224 Bit & Sleeve 22-24 AWG
  - Cordura Tool Pouch


OKI-PTX-KIT2 230V Battery Wrap/Unwrap Tool

  - Wire wrap/unwrap tool
  - 230V Battery Charger
  - 3.6V NiMH Batteries [2]


Motor 3700-RPM
Wire Gauge 18 - 30 AWG
Battery Charge Time approx 8 hours
Number of uses 500 - 700 uses





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Sent through a question recently without any reply, very disappointed. Trying to purchase wire wrap tool and bits but cannot get enough detail to ensure purchase is correct. Will be wrapping 20AWG wire, need bits to suit. Post diameters are 1.4mm not sure what that is in inches.

Asked by Anonymous user on 01/12/2017 7:00 PM

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