OK Industries Insulated Wire Wrapping Solution

Multiple Tool Set Provides You with A Complete Wire Wrap Kit

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What's special about this tool?

  • Complete wire wrapping kit is ideal for technicians working at Main Distribution Frames for the broadcasting, telecommunications or other field where wire wrapping is required
  • More effective and safer than soldering guns, this kit will impress you with its ability to bind and unbind quickly and easily
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The Ok Industries Insulated Manual Wire Wrapper Kit, WWK-CO was designed and created with the technician in mind. This set is equipped with all your basic needs at your fingertips when working to secure a tight and permanent connection.

  • The wrapper performs 10 revolutions with each squeeze of the trigger to reduce fatigue on hand and wrist
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


Insulated Wire Wrap Tool

Insulated Wire Wrap Tool - G100/R3278INS

This manual wire wrapping tool combines the strength and durability of its metal frame with the safety of an insulated housing. The coating contains the insulation that provides 1000V dielectric strength which helps prevent shorting between the pins of main distributing frames and other equipment.

bits and insulated sleeve

3 inch bits and insulated sleeves - P2224INS

Wire Size AWG: 24
Min Terminal Diagonal: 0.055"
Max Terminal Diagonal: 0.074"
Terminal Hole Depth: 0.750"
Effective Radius: 0.100"
Terminal Hole Diameter: 0.075"

Long Nose Pliers

JIC-21257 Long Nose Pliers - JIC-21257

Created specifically for the telecommunications industry, these long nose pliers have side cutting blades, a crushing slot, one .030" stripping hole, and a thin knurled nose to facilitate handling of the wire at the terminals. 6-7/8" long.

Probe Pick Spudger

Probe Pick Spudger - JIC-22035

The JIC-22035 probe has one end that is tapered to a 1/16" diameter point having an insulated 'L' shaped wire hook extension. The other end tapers to a flat, 3/16" wide and 1/16" thick, with 2 small notches. Made of tough resilient yellow nylon, the probe is 7" long and used in electrical contacts.

Sleeved Wire Unwrapping Tool

Sleeved Wire Unwrapping Tool - UD-2224

The UW4 is a precision tool used to remove wire connections using 20-26 AWG wire. Tool is 5-1/2" long.

Insulated Wire Loop Puller

Insulated Wire Loop Puller - JIC-2257

The JIC-2257 Xylan insulated wire loop puller facilitates pulling wire through terminal blocks, rings on main frame, or fanning strip holes. Tool is 8" long.

Cordura Pouch

Cordura Pouch - H-1000

Made of high-performance, super-durable fabric for the professional tradesman. Adaptable to many tool configurations including manual wire wrapping tools and the PTX battery and electric wire wrapping tools.



Kit Contents Insulated Wire Wrap Tool - 1000V dielectric strength
JIC-21257 Long Nose Pliers - 6-7/8" long it has side cutting blades, a crushing slot, one .030" stripping hole, and a thin knurled nose
Sleeved Wire Unwrapping Tool - 5-1/2" long
3 inch bits and insulated sleeves - Wire Size: 24 AWG; Terminal Diagonal: 0.055" min. and 0.074" max.; Terminal: 0.750" hole depth and 0.075" hole dia.; Effective Radius: 0.100"
Probe Pick Spudger - Yellow nylon material, 7" long
Insulated Wire Loop Puller - 8" long
Pouch - Cordura material
Weight 1.4 lbs







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