IDEAL 9-in-1 Ratch-A-Nut™ Screwdriver

Innovative Patented Technology Combined with Dual Ratcheting Makes This an Asset to Any Tool Collection

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What's special about this screwdriver?

  • The ratcheting action means connector installations are less work for the user and reduced hand fatigue
  • Santoprene grip repels moisture from perspiration, water, oils and chemicals which gives you a more comfortable, confident hold
  • A variety of connectors can be used with this tool: Wing-Nut®, Wire-Nut®, Twister®, B-Cap®, and Wing Twist™/ Wire Twist™
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The IDEAL 9-in-1 Ratch-a-Nut™ Screwdriver has three way ratcheting technology. Ratcheting wire connector and ratcheting screwdriver make this an innovative and useful part of your kit. The unique tool design is sure to meet just about any need on a wiring job.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
ID-35-988Ideal 9-in-1 Ratch-a-Nut™ Screwdriver0.7 lb
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
ID-35-911Ideal Replacement Bit for 1/4" Slotted - #2 Phillips0.05 lb
ID-35-912Ideal Replacement Bit for 3/16" Slotted - #1 Phillips0.05 lb
ID-35-913Ideal Replacement Bit for 1/4" Slotted - #2 Square Recess0.05 lb
ID-35-914Ideal Replacement Bit for 3/16" Slotted - #1 Square Recess0.05 lb
ID-35-096Ideal Conduit Deburring Tool - Slotted Tip0.35 lb
ID-35-098Ideal Conduit Deburring Tool - Square Tip0.3 lb
ID-35-097Ideal Replacement Blades - Conduit Deburring0.0001 lb
  • The ratcheting action occurs at both ends of the screwdriver
  • Works with the conduit deburring head 35-096 and 35-098
  • Innovative tool design allows you to get into tighter spots
  • Capable of handling high torque without breakdown
  • Comes with replacement bits and accepts Twist-a-Nut  replacement bits as well
  • Comes with six torsion bars which assure a steady grip and better use
  • Equipped with Accu-Loop™ Wire Looping Hole built into the handle
  • Lightweight and portable, this fits easily into your tool bag
  • Screwdriver bits are taken off to expose the nutdriver and nutdriver shaft
  • Patent pending
  • Lifetime warranty


Replacement Bits
Description Part #
Ideal Replacement Bit for 1/4" Slotted - #2 Phillips ID-35-911
Ideal Replacement Bit for 3/16" Slotted - #1 Phillips ID-35-912
Ideal Replacement Bit for 1/4" Slotted - #2 Square Recess ID-35-913
Ideal Replacement Bit for 3/16" Slotted - #1 Square Recess ID-35-914
Weight : 0.71 lbs
Dimensions : 8.5" length
Kit Includes : 1/4" and 3/16" slotted
#1 and #2 Phillips
1/4", 5/16" and 7/16" nutdrivers
Ratcheting screwdriver end
Ratcheting wire connector wrench
Wire looping hole in handle





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