DVI and HDMI Connector Overview

DVI Connectors

The DVI cable connection provides a pure digital video signal from devices like high-end DVD players to HDTV’s, plasma displays, and other high-end video displays. DVI transfers uncompressed, real-time digital video and supports resolutions of 1600x1200 and above on a PC, and HDTV resolutions of 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.


DualLink DVI-I
Dual Link DVI-I
Single Link DVI-I
Single Link DVI-I
close-up of pin connections
Pins 1 thru 24 = Digital
Pins C1, C2, C3, C4, and center ground = Analog
photo of DVI connection
Dual Link DVI-D
Dual Link DVI-D
Single Link DVI-D
Single Link DVI-D

DVI-D = Digital only connector
DVI-D Digital only, Single Link connector does not use six center pins.
DVI-D Digital only, Dual Link connector uses all 24 digital pins and provides extra bandwidth.

DVI-D is the best DVI choice for most flat panels, CRTs, projectors and HDTV. Choose M/F for an extension cable, and M/M for a direct connection.

DVI-A = Analog only (only available as a male connector or plug which only mates with the analog contacts of a DVI-I connection.  DVI-A is used to convert between DVI and the traditional (VGA connector) analog display technology. DVI-A and DVI-D connections will not match.)
Use a DVI-A Male to VGA HD15 Male to connect a computer's VGA port to a monitor with a DVI-A or DVI-I connector. Use DVI-A Male to VGA HD15 Female to connect a computer's DVI-I port to a monitor with a VGA connector.

DVI-I = Digital and Analog ( DVI-I has the original 24 digital contacts, as well as the five additional contacts to support analog video.  DVI-I also supports dual link.)


HDMI Connectors

HDMI is the latest high-definition digital standard for both VIDEO and AUDIO, and, it is backward compatible with the DVI standard. HDMI is the first interface to carry high-definition video (720p, 1080i or standard video formats) AND multi-channel surround sound audio. HDMI cables are able to run up to 40 feet while still maintaining optimum data transfer.

"Type A" (below right) is used for consumer electronics such as televisions and DVD players. "Type B" was designed as a dual link for PC applications requiring frequencies above 165 MHz. The HDMI connector appearance is similar to a USB connector.

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photo of HDMI connector
HDMI pin connection
HDMI Connector (Type A) Plug
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