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What is special about Ribbon Riser Cable?

  • OFNR/FT-4 listed
  • Available in 50 μm and 62.5 μm varieties
  • Singles-mode and hybrid versions available
  • 12-fiber ribbons are easily identifiable, with ribbon ID members and distinct fiber colors
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With fiber counts ranging from 12 to 216, Corning Cables Systems Ribbon Riser Cables are made up of easy to identify 12-fiber ribbons, which are all held together within a central tube. These optical fiber cables have dielectric strength members for excellent tensile strength, and feature flame-retardant outer jackets, which have been manufactured in accordance with UL 1666 flame test requirements.

There is a 2,624 FT minimum for the 24, 48, 72, 144 and 216 fibers ribbon cables.
The minimum quantity for the 36 fibers ribbon cable is 5,248 FT.
These products ship within 3-4 weeks

Part #DescriptionSpool LengthTotal Price
CN-024SC7-14180-2024 Fiber Ribbon Cable Riser, 50µm 10GBE2,624 feet
CN-036SC7-14180-2036 Fiber Ribbon Cable Riser, 50µm 10GBE5,248 feet
CN-048SC7-14180-2048 Fiber Ribbon Cable Riser, 50µm 10GBE2,624 feet
CN-072SC7-14180-2072 Fiber Ribbon Cable Riser, 50µm 10GBE
CN-144SC7-14180-20144 Fiber Ribbon Cable Riser, 50µm 10GBE
CN-216SC7-14180-20216 Fiber Ribbon Cable Riser, 50µm 10GBE
  • Individual fibers are easily accessible
  • Excellent mass splicing yields, thanks to precise fiber and ribbon geometries
  • Also available preconnectorized, to reduce labor costs and simplify field installation
  • Can be used with standard ribbon cable hardware and procedures
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities


Ribbon Riser Cable

Corning FREEDM Ribbon Riser Specifications and Transmission Performance (PDF) PDF







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