RODALONG Conduit Rodder

Running Cables Underground? Here is The Perfect Tool


What's special about the RODALONG?

  • Polypropylene coating lubricates the rod, prevents shattering problems and extends the life of your rodalong.
  • Non-Metal/Non-Conductive material protects delicate wires during use.
  • 10+ accessories available for expanding the use of your Rodalong Standard or Mini.
  • Use the brake to control the dispensing speed
  • The sturdy carrier handle makes it easy to rewind and recoil the extended rod.
  • Available in standard and mini versions to pull cable from 200 up to 1000 feet.
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The RODALONG Continuous Insulated Fiberglass Rod is the perfect technician's tool for reaching or fishing electrical conduit, cables, fiber optics, innerduct, or any other electrical building material. Plumbers also have unlimited uses for the RODALONG conduit rodder in drains, sewers, main water lines, and pipe and leak locate tasks. The RODALONG is available in the Standard version, or the Mini version - depending on length requirements.

Standard Rodalong
Part # Description Dimensions Weight Price
IT-CF500DTG 500 FT Long Rodalong 1/4" diameter 28" x 28" x 10" 30 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Image Description Price
IT-PPG6 RODALONG Conduit Rodder IT-PPG6 "Grabit" Hook
Quick Ship
IT-BE25 RODALONG Conduit Rodder IT-BE25 Bullet Tip with 3" Flex Extension
Quick Ship
IT-PG1 RODALONG Conduit Rodder IT-PG1 Pulling Grip
Quick Ship
IT-B25 RODALONG Conduit Rodder IT-B25 Bullet Tip
Quick Ship
Two Sizes available:

Standard Rodalong:

  • 1/4" diameter
  • Equipped with foldable metal carrier, bullet tip and cord grip
  • Available 300 feet to 1000 feet in 100 feet increments
  • Stands 26" high in the metal carrier
  • Available 1/4" tip accessories
  • Patent pending


  • 3/16" diameter
  • Equipped with metal die-case carrier, bullet tip and cord grip
  • Available in 250 feet
  • Stands 14" high in the metal carrier
  • Patent pending

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    The manufacturer will repair any broken Rodalong part that is returned. The Rodalong product seldom fails, and product failure is usually due to user installation error. However, the manufacturer will provide a repair kit and instructions on how to splice a broken fiberglass rod, and provide necessary repair assistance.

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