ReelCraft GFCI Outlet Box Reels

Portable GFCI Protected Outlets


What's special about these retractable GFCI boxes?

  • Portable design provides an instant GFCI protected power source anywhere.
  • Brightly colored box is designed for higher visibility on the jobsite, as well as added safety.
  • Meets UL 943 standards for safety.
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ReelCraft’s GFCI Outlet Box Reels are wired to trip in the event that a neutral wire is broken to reduce the risk of electrocution. In addition to protection against electric shock the reels retract to reduce trip-and-fall hazards associated with hanging cords and cables.

Part # Description Volts / Amps Length Weight Price
RC-L-4545-123-7A Heavy Duty Power Cord Reel with GFCI Duplex Outlet Box 125 V / 20 A 45 ft 28 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
RC-L-4545-123-7 Heavy Duty Power Cord Reel with GFCI Duplex Outlet Box 115 V / 15 A 45 ft 29 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
RC-L-5550-123-7 Heavy Duty Power Cord Reel with GFCI Duplex Outlet Box 115 V / 15 A 50 ft 47 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Consists of reel with retractable cable, outfitted with GFCI box for a complete solution.
  • Reel:
  • Spring latch retracts for easy storage, and keeps extension cord cables out of the way to make workspaces a safer environment.
  • Equipped with an adjustable cable stop, so you can reel out as little or as much cable as needed.
  • Can be mounted to a wall, ceiling or workbench for easy access and a clearer floor space.
  • Compact body design takes up very little space
  • Case is constructed of heavy gauge steel with robotically welded frame for durability.
  • Powder coated to resist corrosion and scratches

  • GFCI Box:
  • Uses Hubbell PowerPort® portable outlet box with Circuit Guard® GFCI, so you know you have a quality product.
  • Built in GFCI to protect your attached equipment from overloads
  • Flip top lid with compression foam creates a tight seal between the lid and electrical outlet, and protects from dust and debris.
  • Constructed of heavy duty composite material to provide shock and wear resistance.
  • LED lights indicate whether or not power is being received

  • Ideal for use in:
  • Garages
  • Automotive applications
  • Workshops

    NOTE: PowerPort® and Circuit Guard® are registered trademarks of Hubbell Corporation.


    RC-L-4545-123-7A 45 ft [14 m] 125 V 20 A 12 AWG [3.32 mm2] SJEOW Yes
    RC-L-4545-123-7 45 ft [14 m] 115 V 15 A 12 AWG [3.32 mm2] SJEOW Yes
    RC-L-5550-123-7 50 ft [15 m] 115 V 15 A 12 AWG [3.32 mm2] SJEOW Yes
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