SOLDER-PRO™ 100K 4-in-1 Kit

A Blow Torch, Heat Gun, Hot Knife and Soldering Iron... All in One Tool!


What's special about this heat torch kit?

  • Automatic Piezo ignition eliminates the need for matches & lighters.
  • Rapid tip heat-up (Approx. 15 seconds after ignition)
  • 30W-100W power range
  • Kit includes a blow torch, heat blower, hot knife, soldering iron.
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The SOLDER-PRO™ 100K is the ultimate automatic ignition multi-function tool for all your projects. The soldering iron tips are shaped from a copper bar then coated with protective iron coating. Though the coating is thick for improved durability,it has good heat conductivity for more efficient thermal recovery.

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  • Contents of the Kit include:
    • The BLOW TORCH operates at temperatures of up to 1300°C (2500° F) making it the perfect tool for heavy soldering and brazing.
    • The HEAT BLOWER tip has an adjustable temperature of up to 480°C (950° F) and is ideal for tube shrinking.
    • The HOT KNIFE has a tip temperature of 500°C (950° F) and is specifically designed to cut and cauterize most synthetic materials.
    • The SOLDERING IRON tip temperature of 500°C (930° F) is equivalent to that of an approx. 100 watt electric soldering iron.
  • Complete portability
  • Vented safety cap
  • Heat reflector accessories
  • up to 3 hours burn time per fill
  • Spare orifice
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy and inexpensive to refill by using normal butane gas



  • Shrink tubing
  • Weld plastics
  • Automotive and truck repairs
  • Aviation service and repair
  • Insulated solder pre form
  • Jewelry repair
  • Loosen rusted nuts and bolts
  • Maintain switch panels
  • Repair television sets, meters, switch boards
  • Sensitive IC boards
  • Silver solder
  • Solder circuit boards
  • TV cable system


Overall length 25.4cm (10in.)
Weight (w/ fuel) 188g (6.6oz)
Fuel capacity 38ml
Operating time Approx. 3 hours
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