MG Chemicals Fine Braid and No Clean Super Wick

Use This Braid to Clean Up Solder


What's special about de-soldering braid?

  • Oxide-free clean copper will not rust over time, and provides a better way to clean up solder.
  • Manufactured to leave a residue that's safe for a cleaner environment.
  • Static free spools, won't harm delicate electronics during use.
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MG Chemicals' Super Wick is ideal when components need to be removed from a circuit board because of age or faulty functioning. These wicks are essential to any jeweler, plumber, manufacturer or student performing de-soldering.

Fine Braid Super Wick
Part # Length Width Color Price
MGC-427 5 ft 0.125" Brown
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No Clean Super Wick
Part # Length Width Color Price
MGC-426-NS 5 ft 0.1" Blue
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  • Available in five different widths, for large or small soldering jobs.
  • More surface area per square inch, to pick up all the lead.
  • Leaves a residue that is environmentally friendly, for a clean conscience.
  • MIL-F-14256F, type ‘RMA’ and ANSI/J-STD-004 compliant for purity.

    Composition 99.9% pure copper
    0.1% modified rosin
    Boiling Point 1082° C (1981° F)


  • Fine Braid and No Clean Super Wick MSDS (PDF) PDF



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