MG Chemicals Lead-Free Solder with Silver

Greater Strength For Component Joining


What's special about this RoHS compliant solder?

  • A 1lb spool has 27% more length than a leaded spool, which saves on labor and material costs.
  • Contains no-clean flux for easier cleanup after soldering.
  • Special flux activator is virtually spatter-free, keeping your application clean and free of stains.
  • 96.3% Tin, 0.7% Copper and 3% Silver (SAC 305)
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RoHS Compliant

This solder is perfect whether you need it for jewelry making, plumbing, electronics or any other craft or job that would need to affix to pieces of metal together. This formulation includes no lead for ultimate safety when used.

Part # Description Package Type Weight Price
MGC-4900-112G Lead-Free Solder (96.3% Sn, 0.7% Cu, 0.3% Ag), 21 AWG, 0.032" diameter Spool 0.25 lb (113g)
Manufacturer Direct
  • Made up of 96.3% tin, 0.7% copper and 3% silver for use in a wide variety of applications like crafts, plumbing or circuit boards
  • Lead-free
  • 21 gauge (0.032") diameter will accommodate most jobs
  • Hard, non-conductive residue will not create shorts when used on electronic components
  • Includes silver for greater conductivity
  • J-STD-006 and RoHS compliant for purity


  Test Method Specification
Ag content   2.8-3.2%
Cu content   0.3-0.7 %
Sn content   Balance
Flux Classification JSTD-004 REL0
Copper Mirror IPC-TM-650 2.3.32 No removal of copper film
Silver Chromate IPC-TM-650 2.3.33 Pass
Corrosion IPC-TM-650 2.6.15 Pass
SIR JSTD-004,Pattern Down IPC-TM-650 2.33 x 10 11 ohms
SIR Bellcore (Telecordia) Bellcore GR-78-CORE 13.1.3 6.12 x 10 11 ohms
Electromigration Bellcore GR-78-CORE 13.1.4 Pass
Post Reflow Flux Residue TGA Analysis 55%
Acid Value IPC-TM-650 2.3.13 190-210
Flux Residue Dryness IPC-TM-650 2.4.47 Pass
Spitting of Flux-Cored Solder IPC-TM-650 2.4.48 0.3%
Solder Spread IPC-TM-650 2.4.46 130 mm2


Lead free/leaded solder comparison Lead Free Solder (Sn/Ag/Cu) Sn63/Pb37 (Leaded Solder)
Melting Point 217-221 º C (422.6 - 429.8 º F) 183 º C (361.4 º F)
Wire Diameter 0.032” (0.81 mm) 0.032” (0.81 mm)
  Std. Wire Gauge 21 21
  Tolerance, in. +/- 0.002” +/- 0.002”
Hardness, Brinell 15HB 14HB
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Pure Sn=23.5 24.7
Tensile Strength 4312 psi 4442 psi
Density 7.39 g/cc 8.42 g/cc
Electrical Resistivity 13.0 µohm-cm 14.5 µohm-cm
Electrical Conductivity 16.6 %IACS 11.9 %IACS
Yield Strength, psi 3724 3950
Total Elongation, % 27 48
Joint Shear Strength, at 0.1mm/min 20º C 17 14
Creep Strength, N/mm2 at 0.1mm/min 20º C 13.0 3.3
Creep Strength, N/mm2 at 0.1mm/min 100° C 5 1
Thermal Conductivity 58.7 W/m * K 50.9 W/m * K




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