Nozzles for Milwaukee® Heat Guns

Heavy Duty Performance With Precision Control


What's special about these heat gun nozzles?

  • Works with many Milwaukee heat guns
  • Come in several varieties, including reduction, slit, spreader, hook and more
  • Useful when working with heat shrink, bending plastic or Plexiglass, soldering and more
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Several different styles of nozzles to use with your existing Milwaukee heat gun to get that precise and directed flow of hot air.

Part # IMG Description Price
MWT-49-80-0292 Hook Nozzle
MWT-49-80-0293 Deflector Nozzle
MWT-49-80-0297 Air Reducer Nozzle
MWT-49-80-0307 Reflector Nozzle 3/8"
HGA0.00SV Includes
  • 49-80-0292 Hook Nozzle
  • 49-80-0294 Air Spreader Nozzle
  • 49-80-0293 Deflector Nozzle
  • 49-80-0297 Air Reduction Nozzle
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  • Hook Nozzle - Provides surrounding heat that's ideal for bending, soldering pipe, and heat shrink tubing applications
  • Deflector Nozzle - Ideal for deflecting air away from glass when stripping paint or softening putty
  • Air Reducer Nozzle - Provides intensified heat to a specific area, ideal for soldering applications
  • Reflector Nozzle 3/8" - Ideal for smaller diameter tubes, wires, or heat shrink

    Voltage 120 AC
    Amps 12.5
    Air Temperatures 90° - 1,050° F
    Air Volume 7.06 / 8.83 / 15.89 cu. ft. min.
    Length 11-1/2"
    Tool Weight 2.0 lbs
    UL Listed E95446


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