Electrician Tools

Our all-in-one electrician tool kit offerings have everything you need to get the job done, in one convenient place. Great for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, we've got kits that feature both standard and specialty tools for electrical applications. Whether you're looking for a general purpose electrical tool set or a professional technician kit, a 14 piece basic kit or a 41 piece comprehensive set, look no further. Get all the screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and other electrical tools you need in one neat little package.

Tool Kits That Are an Electrician’s Best Friend

Having the right tool kit for your work is essential. Look at it like this. If a person is starting a company, they are going to want to make sure they employ all the right workers that are qualified to do a great job in an area where the company needs help. An electrician for wiring, a marketing person to get the word out to the right people, and an accountant to make sure budgets are met. Your tool kit serves the same purpose in the sense that each tool is like a little mini employee that is there to make your work come together flawlessly.


We have tool kits for all different needs, from a 14-piece basic kit to a 41-piece tool set. Wondering what you're likely to find in each? Here are some of the tools you can't go without, no matter if you are tinkering around your own car or house, or out on a job.

  • A wrench
  • Screwdrivers
  • Soldering Clamp
  • Pliers
  • Wire strippers/cutters
  • Protective Eyewear

While your own two hands are priceless, having the right tools can make things go a lot smoother and actually save your two hands in the long run. You can certainly piece together your own tool set, but there is comfort in knowing you can purchase them all together and know you have a complete kit. They all come in a handy carrying case too, which is idea so that you prevent loss or damage to any of your tools.


For more intense jobs, you may also be interested in checking out our large collection of electrical tools that take things even a step further by adding significant power to the tools you already use. Power tools give you just that - power - and help you get through tough jobs fast, even though they once may have seemed impossible.
From simply hanging a painting up right to creating detailed and intricate wire runs within walls, tools are your friends!