RJ45 Combiner

A Pair of These Will Help You Run 2 Connections Through 1 Ethernet Cable


What's special about these RJ45 Combiners?

  • Allows you to fully utilize your home network connection
  • Saves money by allowing 2 connections to run on 1 ethernet cable (Must work in pairs)
  • Ideal for home office setting
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Part # Description Color Price
CTG-37049 RJ-45 Splitter/Combiner Kit Gray
Manufacturer Direct
CTG-01938 Port RJ-45 Splitter for Phones White
Manufacturer Direct

Product Features - 2 Port RJ-45 Splitter/Combiner - CTG-37049

This 2-port passive splitter is a handy item when you need another network connection but don't have the time or the money to add another cable drop. Simply plug one device to your work area network port and another unit to the corresponding patch panel port. now you can run two network devices over the same network cable. Sold individually, this item must be used in pairs for each installation, one on each end of the cable.

  • Plug and play operation
  • Passive solution
  • Supports network speeds of up to 100 Mpbs
  • Non-intrusive to the network
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Note: This unit does not function as a Hub or Switch or Router. It requires 2 IP connections and allows them to be combined into 1 cable, then split back into 2.


    Product Features - 2 Port RJ-45 Splitter - CTG-01938

    If you need to connect two phone devices to one outlet, the modular T-Adapters can help you make the right connection. The T-Adapter provides a male to two females for multiple device hook-up. Perfect for connecting a phone and fax machine to the same plug.

  • Connectors: One RJ-45 Male to Two RJ-45 Females
  • Designed for: Data/PBX Applications
  • Use: Connect RJ45 Devices to one outlet
  • Note: This unit does not function as a Hub or Switch or Router. This unit is designed to split phone connections terminated with RJ-45 connectors.


    Specifications - 2 Port RJ-45 Splitter/Combiner

    Warranty: Lifetime
    Color: Gray
    Weight: 0.090lb

    Specifications - 2 Port RJ-45 Splitter

    Warranty: Lifetime
    Color: White
    Weight: 0.030lb

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    Questions & Answers


    Will this splitter work on a gigabit network?

    Asked by Anonymous user on 08.04 AM Friday, 13 January, 2017

    • - Thank you for your question. this product Supports network speeds of up to 100 Mpbs. Please call 866-222-0030 if you have any additional questions

      thiago t. on 12.18 PM Friday, 10 February, 2017

    will this product allow me to run phone and data over 1 cat5 cable ?

    Asked by Anonymous user on 06.49 AM Friday, 06 July, 2018

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