IP Cameras

IP (internet protocol) Cameras are the cream of the crop in the surveillance system world. They offer the best quality images possible, with the highest resolution available and the greatest depth of field. Available in bullet, wedge, dome, box, and PTZ (point/tilt/zoom) models, there is sure to be a camera that fits your specific needs, whether indoor, outdoor, day or night. The unmatched image quality does come at a price, however, and not just a financial one. IP cameras are more complex to install and operate, requiring new cabling and knowledge of bandwidth management, among other things.

IP Security Cameras Keep You, Your Loved Ones, and Your Possessions Safe!

Crime has always been a part of society. Lucky for us, modern technology allows us to monitor our surroundings better than ever, preventing crimes from happening and helping us apprehend criminals if they do manage to commit a crime. IP Cameras are the top end of the surveillance spectrum, allowing you to have an unprecedented level of safety and security wherever you need it.

The Many Benefits of IP Security Cameras

First of all, you may be wondering exactly what a IP Camera is. Simply put, it is a digital camera that includes a built-in web server that transmits an IP stream. Since it is on the leading edge of technology when it comes to surveillance systems, investing in an IP camera sets you up for the future € ensuring you won't have to get an all-new system in a few months. Technological upgrades will allow you to continue to use your IP Camera well into the future!


IP cameras boost and enhance safety and security, there's no question about it. They are easy to install where you need it most € to monitor entrances and exits, hallways, and dark indoor and outdoor spaces. Having cameras in place automatically helps protect your assets from theft, since thieves will be less likely to commit a crime if they spot a camera € and if they choose to go ahead with it, they can easily be apprehended at the scene.


IP cameras can even help to boost productivity! They eliminate the need for someone to be in a certain location for monitoring, say for example in a front waiting room. Employees can have a monitor at their desk and keep an eye on things without having to be in two places at once. Same goes with registers at retail shops.

Finding the Right IP Camera for You

There are a few important things to consider before you purchase an IP camera, since there are a number of different types. IP dome cameras are available for indoor or outdoor use and offer clear images even in low light and at night. The outdoor versions are completely resistant to dust and water and weather-related activity. Fisheye cameras capture a 360 degree panoramic view and can be mounted on the ceiling or a wall. It also allows you to monitor different angles simultaneously.


Box cameras provide professional high definition monitoring and their PoE capability reduces wiring and installation costs. Also, it accepts any C/CS mount lens which allows you to have endless options. Last but certainly not least, bullet cameras record high-quality video in 1080p or 720p resolution and are a great option for harsh weather.


Investing in an IP camera will enhance your safety and security immensely, and it may even increase your productivity! CableOrganizer.com is happy to provide you with a number of different options so that you can choose exactly the one that best fits your needs!