Analog Cameras

Analog cameras offer a relatively affordable and easy to install solution for your security and surveillance needs. We offer a multitude of different options for many different applications: choose from indoor or outdoor; dome, wedge or hidden cameras; and day or day/night capabilities. We also feature several durable, vandal resistant models that ensure your footage and cameras remain intact, even when criminals have other ideas.

Why An Analog Camera is great for Security and Surveillance

An analog camera is a great way to fulfill your security and surveillance needs. Generally affordable and easy to install, this security camera option comes in a number of different options. You can elect to have one indoors or out, hidden or in plain sight, or one just for daytime or with nighttime capabilities. They are durable and weather-resistant, making them a great option for keeping yourself and your personal or professional assets safe!

The Different Kinds of Analog Cameras

At we like to give our customers a lot of different options to choose from so that you can find exactly what fits your needs! Here's a breakdown of some of the different kinds of surveillance cameras in this category.

  • Night Vision. These cameras are ideal for places that might be prone to theft or vandalism overnight when no one is around. They are capable or capturing video in complete darkness at a distance of 50ft or more. If you suspect something has been going on during off-business hours, this camera is a great choice.
  • Vandal Resistant. All of the cameras we sell are built strong, but vandal-resistant security cameras are specifically designed to withstand damage. For example, they can resist the impact of a 10-pound sledgehammer. This kind of analog camera is ideal for monitoring residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.
  • Outdoor Surveillance Cameras. Before you purchase a camera, you need to figure out the best place to position it. If outdoors, make sure to get a camera meant to withstand the elements. These kinds of cameras can handle rough weather and bad conditions without getting damaged.

Many of our cameras come with different kinds of receivers, and some can support multiple cameras per monitor, which is great if a single person is monitoring them. Whatever you need, we've got it. And if by chance we don't, we'll help you find it! Getting the right analog camera in place can make the difference of keeping yourself, your loved ones, and your personal and business possessions safe!