Great Lakes Rack Screws & Cage Nuts

Stay Prepared with Extra Screws & Cage Nuts


What's special about these Great Lakes hardware accessories?

Always make sure to have enough hardware to secure all of the necessary components into your server racks, cabinets or enclosures. Available in packs of 50, rack screws come finished in black and install with the commonly-used Phillips head screwdriver. Cage nuts come in packs of either 25 or 50, feature M6 nuts and 12mm screws, and have a zinc-plated finish.

Rack Screws
Part # Description Weight Quantity Price
QGL-HDW-102-50 #10-32 Type 23 Screws 1 lb 50
Manufacturer Direct
QGL-HDW-104-50 #12-24 Type 23 Screws 1 lb 50
Manufacturer Direct
Cage Nuts
Part # Description Weight Quantity Price
QGL-HDW-105-50 M6 Nuts w/ Screws 1.75 lbs 50
Manufacturer Direct
QGL-HDW-106-50 Cage Nuts w/10-32 Screws 1 lb 50
Manufacturer Direct
  • Popular sizes are compatible with most standard racks and enclosures
  • Rack screws are finished in black

    Part # QGL-HDW-102-50 QGL-HDW-104-50 QGL-HDW-105-50
    Size 10-32 x 0.50" 12-24 x 0.50" 1.7 - 2.7mm Cage Nut
    12mm Screw
    Type 23 23 M6
    Head Style Pan Head Phillips Pan Head Phillips Phillips
    Color Black Black Silver
    Quantity 50 50 50
    Weight 1 lb 1 lb 1.75 lbs
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