Macurco™ Hydrogen Gas Detectors

Early Warning Detection of Highly Flammable Hydrogen Gas


What's special about these hydrogen detectors?

  • Monitors for potential buildup of hydrogen gas for early warning and prevention of hazardous and unsafe conditions
  • Reduces energy costs when combined with a ventilation control panel or energy management system, by limiting exhaust fan activation to only the times when gas is detected
  • Long life, solid-state sensor provides reliable service for up to 7-10 years
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Hydrogen gas buildup caused from burning fuel or a leak in a coolant line can become a highly dangerous situation if not contained or detected in time. When mixed with enough air, hydrogen becomes a highly flammable diatomic gas that can ignite easily with just a spark, causing an almost invisible flame that can easily harm anyone or anything it comes into contact with.
Macurco Gas Detection

Part #DescriptionDimensionsWeightPrice
3M-HD-11Macurco Hydrogen Gas Detector with Low LEL Alarm Relay4.5" L x 5" W x 1.625" D1 lb
Manufacturer Direct

Using a Macurco™ Hydrogen Gas Detector will allow you to monitor storage rooms and/or facilities that house forklifts, golf carts, backup power supplies, and battery charging stations for hazardous hydrogen gas buildup. When the gas level reaches around 10% of the lowest amount of gas needed for a fire, the Macurco gas detector will automatically trigger your early warning or alarm system, giving time for building evacuations and containment.

  • HD-11 is a low voltage SPDT relay output hydrogen gas detector designed to be paired with a third party ventilation and detection control panel
  • Alarm relay is factory set to activate at 10% of the Lower Explosive Level (LEL) of hydrogen gas, to provide ample time for finding and containing the gas leak
  • Mounts in a standard 4 x 4 electrical box or flat on a wall for fast and easy installation
  • Made in the USA


Part # 3M-HD-11
Size 4.5" L x 5" W x 1.625"D
Weight 1 lb
Color White
Voltage 12 to 24 VAC or VDC
Current 60 mA @ 24V, 30 mA @ 12V
Relay Rating 0.2 Amp, 3 VA
Operating Temperature 0° to 150° F






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