Signamax® Optical Fiber Thermal Buffer Stripper

Clean, Precise Jacket Removal for Proper Fiber Termination Preparation


What's special about this fiber stripper?

  • Eliminates broken fibers and rough ends that are common to mechanical strippers.
  • Many times faster than mechanical methods such as Kevlar shears and scissors.
  • Two location modes and 4 temperature modes help you fine tune to get the results you want.
  • 3 button operation with LED light interface lets you dial in different settings quickly and easily.
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Generally speaking, you can never pull off a job too precisely. And if you can save lots of time and money in the end, all the better. This thermal fiber stripper is miles ahead of mechanical stripping in every aspect. It strips faster and more accurately and makes it easier to dispose of waste. This fiber jacket stripper is also much more affordable than other strippers in its class while delivering the same quality.

Part # Description Fiber Capacity Price
SX-OFTBS-1 Optical Fiber Thermal Buffer Stripper 12
Manufacturer Direct
SX-OFTFH-1 Optical Fiber Tool Fiber Holder, 1-Fiber Capacity 1
Manufacturer Direct
SX-OFTFH-4 Optical Fiber Tool Fiber Holder, 4-Fiber Capacity 4
Manufacturer Direct
SX-OFTFH-8 Optical Fiber Tool Fiber Holder, 8-Fiber Capacity 8
Manufacturer Direct
SX-OFTFH-12 Optical Fiber Tool Fiber Holder, 12-Fiber Capacity 12
Manufacturer Direct
  • Compact, lightweight design is easy to work with and fits into any technician's tool kit.
  • Dual power supply (battery and adapter) lets you plug in when you can and keep working if power should be lost.
    Temperature Modes 70 °C (158 °F)
    90 °C (164 °F)
    110 °C (230 °F)
    130 °C (266 °F)
    Fiber Holders 1 Fiber
    4 Fiber
    8 Fiber
    12 Fiber
    Fiber Material Quartz Glass
    Fiber Diameter 125 um
    Coating Material UV-cured Resin
    Fiber Count 2-12
    Battery 7.4V, 1620 mA-h Lithium
    Battery Life 5 hours
    External Power Supply 12VDC, 2A
    Relative Humidity 85% (non-condensing)
    Dimensions 5.7" W x 1.7" H x 1.8" D
    Weight 9.7 oz (300 g)


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