Signamax™ Fiber Optic Splice Trays

The Safe and Affordable Solution for Protecting Spliced Fibers


What's special about these rackmount distribution enclosures?

  • Simplistic yet effective design provides the best solution for making interconnections between fibers when termination to connectors or equipment is not required.
  • Available in either aluminum or plastic versions, with up to a 24-fiber capacity per tray for high-density distribution.
  • Compatible with both fusion and mechanical-type splices to accommodate the needs of the technician or hardware.
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Signamax™ Optical Fiber Splice Trays offer premise technicians an economical and practical solution for housing multiple fusion - or mechanical spliced fibers. These fiber optic splice trays are specifically engineered for easy installation inside Signamax's™ wide range of wall or rackmount enclosures and distribution enclosures.

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NOTE: Only Compatible with Signamax adapters, enclosures

Part # Description Price
SX-FST-24P Signamax Plastic 24-Fiber Count Splice Tray for SX-UFD4-B and SX-UFD12-B Fiber Distribution Enclosures
  • Aluminum trays provide lightweight, long-lasting, impact-resistant storage for delicate spliced fibers.
  • Plastic tray includes a transparent lid, which provides clear visibility of each fiber splice for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Low-profile design is ideal for stacking multiple trays inside an enclosure for large-volume fiber patching.
  • Provides fast, flexible, and cost-effective housing for inter- or cross-connected fibers.
  • Compliant with Telcordia GR-769

    PART # SX-FST-24A SX-FST-24P
    Dimensions 3.95" W x 11.7" L x 0.3" H 10.5" W x 4.5" L x 0.4" H
    Mounting Holes 0.24" Diameter 0.24" Diameter
    Fiber Capacity 24-Fibers 24-Fibers
    Material Aluminum Plastic
    Compliance Telcordia GR-769 Telcordia GR-769
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