Lutron® SKYLARK® Dimmers and Light Switches

Affordable Designer-Style Dimmers


What's special about these light dimmers?

  • Stylish dimmer paddle adjusts the light level to suit your mood, while easy to use rocker switch turns lights on and off every time.
  • Incandescent/halogen, magnetic low-voltage, or electronic low voltage models available to accommodate your lamp, track, or recessed lighting needs.
  • Single or Dual slide dimmers are available for controlling up to two separate lighting systems.
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  • ULCSA Approved

The SKYLARK Dimmer and Light Switch Control by Lutron offers an affordable way to have designer lighting without the extreme costs that come with custom lighting. These economical light dimmers help you create the perfect ambiance for your room while saving energy in the process. Lutron's broad line of easy to use Skylark dimmers and fan controls are the perfect choice for custom home, office, art gallery or other large/small applications.

For all Lutron products there is a 25% restocking fee on all returns

Incandescent/Halogen Lighting
Part # Description Watts/Volts Dimensions Weight Color Price
LU-S2-L Dual Slide-Off-Dimmer 300W / 300W 2.94"W x 4.69"H x 1.61"D 0.3 lb White
LU-S-600P Single-Pole Preset Dimmer With Light Switch 600W 2.94"W x 4.69"H x 1.61"D 0.3 lb White, Almond, Ivory
Magnetic Low-Voltage Lighting**
Part # Description Watts/Volts Dimensions Weight Color Price
LU-SLV-600P Single-Pole Preset Dimmer With Light Switch 450W / 600VA 2.94"W x 4.69"H x 1.61"D 0.3 lb White

* Eletronic low-voltage products require neutral wire connection.
** Suggested maximum lighting loac for magnetic low-voltage dimming is 450W for 600VA products to allow for trasformer losses.

  • Large range of Claro® wall plates are available for matching preexisting décor or wall color.
  • Compatible with standard 3-way wiring for a more affordable installation.
  • Single-pole or 3-way switches are available for a  wide variety of home or office installations.
  • Built in power-failure memory restores your lights to the same level of light before power was lost.
  • Matching Wall Plate Sold Separately
  • Dimensions: 2.94"W x 4.69"H x 1.61"D
    Weight: 0.3 lb
    Power: 120V~ 60Hz, 277V~ 60Hz
    Operating Temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40°C)
    UL: 1472
    CSA: C22.2 #184.1
    NOM ANCE: 003-SCFI
    ASTM: E308-99, D4674-89


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