Black Box Indoor/Outdoor 12-Strand, 62.5-Micron Multimode Fiber Optic Cable

Plenum-rated and UV-resistant Jacket Performs Indoors and Outdoors


What's special about these fiber optic cables?

  • You can pull this cable anywhere, between and within buildings.
  • Moisture resistant with water-blocking strength meets GR-20-CORE water penetration requirements.
  • OFNP listed for indoor plenum runs and doesn’t have to be terminated within 50 feet (15.2 m) of its building entrance.
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The Black Box Indoor/Outdoor Multimode Fiber Optic Cable with 12-Strands and a 62.5-Micron is a tight buffered fiber cable that can be run both indoors and outdoors. Because it can be run anywhere, these cables are ideal for running communications between and within buildings as well as underground.

Part # Length Weight Price
BB-EXPIO3012A-1000 1000 FT 39 lbs
BB-EXPIO3012A-1250 1250 FT 48.75 lbs
BB-EXPIO3012A-2000 2000 FT 52 lbs
BB-EXPIO3012A-2500 2500 FT 65 lbs
  • Outer jacket resists fungus and contains a UV stabilizer to guards against sun exposure.
  • Ideal for use in:
    1. Humid climates
    2. Underground runs
    3. Gigabit Ethernet Connections
    4. Ethernet Connections
  • Available in custom lengths to suit any sized job; please call for more information.
  • Lifetime Double Diamond Protection

    This multimode fiber optic cable is moisture resistant with water-blocking strength member and meets GR-20-CORE, to ensure that any cable damage can be contained to a repairable length.

    Maximum Attenuation : 850 nm: 3.5 dB /km
    1300nm: 1.2 dB /km
    Bend Radius: Installation: 5.5 in (14 cm)
    Long Term: 2.83 in (7 cm)
    Nominal Diameter: 0.26” (7 mm)
    Minimum Distance: Gigabit Ethernet:
    850 nm: 300 m
    1300 nm: 550 m

    10 Gigabit Ethernet:
    850 nm: 32 m
    1300 nm: N/A
    Fiber Count: 12
    Minimum Overfill Launch Bandwidth: 850 nm: 200 MHz/km
    1300 nm: 600 MHz/km

    32° to 158° F (0° to 70° C)
    Operating: 4° to 158° F (-20° to 70° C)
    Storage: -40 to 167° F (-40 to 75° C)

    Tensile Load:

    Installation: 388 lb/ft (1726N)
    Long Term: 194 lb/ft (863N)

    Weight: 26 lb / 1000ft
    UL Listed: Yes


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