RG59/U Coaxial Cable - PVC or Plenum


What's special about this coaxial cable?

  • Great for CATV, satellite, and surveillance system installations.
  • 20 AWG copper center conductor.
  • 95% bare copper shield (less resistance, more flexible cable construction).
  • Foam polyethylene dialectic
  • CM rated PVC jacket
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  • UL Classified

CableOrganizer.com offers the most common type of cable used to carry video signals: RG-59/U type 75 Ω coaxial cable. RG-59/U is used for low power and RF signal connections like antennas, cable television, satellite and surveillance systems installations. The main requirements for video cable are adequate shield and proper impedance (75 Ω). Our quality made RG-59 cable meets these requirements and it is utilized to carry video signals including composite video, S-video, RGB, component video, etc.

RG59/U Coax Cable - Solid PVC
Part # Description Length Weight Colors Price
HTBC-RG59/U-95-1000FT RG59/U 95% Copper Coaxial Cable - PVC 1000 ft 40 lbs White
Manufacturer Direct
RG59/U Coax Cable - Solid Plenum
Part # Description Length Weight Colors Price
HTBC-RG59/U-95-P-1000FT RG59/U 95% Copper Coaxial Cable - Plenum 1000 ft 40 lbs White
Manufacturer Direct

Since RG-59 cables have higher attenuation characteristics than RG6 cables, they are best used for installations for transmission applications from 750 to 1000 feet. CableOrganizer.com's RG-59/U cable has a 20 AWG copper center conductor, a foam polyethylene dielectric insulation, 95% copper braid with PVC coated jacket. This meets industry standards of 75 Ω and all our RG59 cables are UL listed for UL 1655, UL 13, UL 444, UL 1424, & UL 1581 and CM rated for flammability.

  • PVC available in 500 and 1000 foot lengths in spools or pull boxes in Black or White.
    - Plenum available only in 1000 foot spools of white.
  • Note: Plenum is a fire code rating only and is required for certain installations. Its does not enhance transmission performance.

    Conductor Bare Copper
    AWG 20
    Insulation Skin Foam PE
    Braid Shield Bare Copper Wire
    Jacket PVC
    Rated Temperature 75° C
    Product Certification UL
    Flammability Test CM
    Impedance 75 Ω
    Capacitance 53.1 pF/m
    Dielectric Strength 1.0 kV/min
    Velocity of Propagation 82%
  • RG59/U Plenum/PVC Specification Sheet (PDF) pdf

  • cross section of RG59 coax cable

    Cross Section of RG59/U Cable



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