Commscope® 2287K RG11 Quad-Shield 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable

Provides Peak Electrical and Physical Performance in Plenum Applications


What's special about this plenum coaxial cable?

  • Low attenuation allows much longer runs without losing integrity.
  • 4 inner layers of aluminum shielding prevent crosstalk and interference for a clean signal.
  • Kynar® Flex PVDF jacket resists weather, chemicals, UV/gamma rays and cutting for long service life under brutal conditions.
  • Ideal for transmitting signals across long distances, especially digital video such as HDTV, HD surveillance infrastructure wiring and many more.
  • RoHS CompliantETL Listed

Commscope 2287K coaxial cable promises long life and reliable signal transmission under the roughest conditions. This cable features a 14AWG copper conductor, aluminum quad-shielding, FEP foam dielectric, and quad-shielding wrapped in a tough Kynar Flex PVDF jacket. This cable does best in long, high-integrity digital video runs in plenum environments.

Part # Description Length Weight Price
CSC-2287K RG11 Quad-Shield Coaxial 1000 ft 63 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Property Value
Construction Materials
Construction Type   Non-armored
Center Conductor Material   Copper-clad steel wire
Dielectric Material   Foam FEP
Inner Shield (Braid) Coverage   60%
Inner Shield (Braid) Gauge   34 AWG
Inner Shield (Braid) Material   Aluminum
Inner Shield (Tape) Material   Aluminum/Poly
Outer Shield (Braid) Coverage   40%
Outer Shield (Braid) Gauge   34 AWG
Outer Shield (Braid) Material   Aluminum
Outer Shield (Tape) Material   Aluminum/Poly, non-bonded
Jacket Material   PVDF
Cable Length   305 m   |   1000 ft
Cable Weight   63.00 lb/kft
Diameter Over Center Conductor   1.6281 mm per 1 strand
0.0641 in per 1 strand
Diameter Over Dielectric   7.1120 mm   |   0.2800 in
Diameter Over Inner Shield (Tape)   7.112 mm   |   0.280 in
Diameter Over Jacket   9.449 mm   |   0.372 in
Diameter Over Jacket Tolerance   ±0.008 in
Jacket Thickness   0.508 mm   |   0.020 in
Jacket Thickness, minimum spot   0.406 mm   |   0.016 in
Diameter Over Inner Shield (Braid)   7.925 mm   |   0.312 in
Diameter Over Outer Shield (Braid)   8.433 mm   |   0.332 in
Electrical Specifications
Capacitance   52.5 pF/m   |   16.0 pF/ft
Characteristic Impedance   75 ohm
Characteristic Impedance Tolerance   ±3 ohm
Conductor dc Resistance   11.00 ohms/kft
Dielectric Strength, conductor to shield   4000 Vdc
Jacket Spark Test Voltage   2500 Vac
Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP)   84%
Shield dc Resistance   3.90 ohms/kft
Structural Return Loss   15 dB @ 1000–3000 MHz 
20 dB @ 5–1000 MHz
Structural Return Loss Test Method   100% Swept Tested
Environmental Specifications
Environmental Space   Plenum
Flame Test Method   CMP
Safety Standard   cETL   |   ETL
UL Temperature Rating   125°C   |   257°F
General Specifications 
Application   Video
Cable Type   Series 11
Jacket Color   Cream
Product Number   2287K
Center Conductor Gauge   14 AWG
Center Conductor Type   Solid
Mechanical Specifications
Minimum Bend Radius, loaded   20 times
Minimum Bend Radius, unloaded   10 times
Frequency Attenuation (dB/100 ft)
1 MHz 0.15
10 MHz 0.45
50 MHz 0.9
100 MHz 1.28
200 MHz 1.85
400 MHz 2.75
700 MHz 3.92
900 MHz 4.72
1000 MHz 5.04
1450 MHz 6.67
1800 MHz 7.71
2200 MHz 8.5
3000 MHz 9.88
Ratings RoHS 2011/65/EU
ISO 9001:2008
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What Male BNC connector do I need for this? Would any on this pdf work?:

Asked by Anonymous user on 02.18 PM Tuesday, 29 August, 2017

  • - Hello, All plugs on the PDF file are capable of being used with this coaxial cable.

    Anonymous user on 11.19 AM Wednesday, 30 August, 2017

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