Silicone Cold Shrink

The Optimal Weather-Proofing Choice


What's special about this Cold Shrink?

  • Provides Excellent Physical Protection and Moisture Sealing for Telecom Connectors and cables.
  • Perfect Application for Remote Radio Unit Connections.
  • Can be Installed with Less Room than Clam Shell Enclosures Cable Jacket and Sheath Repairs.
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Cold Shrink is a specially formulated pre expanded silicone rubber shrink tube that does not require heat to shrink.

Part # Description Price
GM-SDL-SMA-60 Cold Shrink for RPSMA Connections
GM-SDL-TNS-65 Type N Connector to LMR-195 Cable or Larger
GM-SDL-TN-90 Type N Connectors to LMR-400 Cable or Larger
GM-SDL-CX-125 4.3-10 Connectors to 1/4" Coax Cable or Larger
GM-SDL-1A-125 7/16 DIN to 1/2" Jumper Cold Shrink
GM-SDL-DC-152 Power Connection to 1/2" Jumper Cold Shrink

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  • Protect Connectors from Weather, Moisture, UV, Ozone, Dust and Fungus
  • Corrosion Protection for Fittings and Couplings
  • Excellent Tear Resistance UV and Ozone Resistant
  • Installation Temperature: -15⁰ F to 158⁰ F Easily Removed with Knife
  • Shrink Method: Pull Cord Shrink Ratio: Exceeds 2:1 Colors: Black
  • Highly Flexible 15,000 Volt
  • Water Tight and Weather Resistant to IP-68 Standard Acid and Alkalis Resistant

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