Ziptape® Rite & Wrap™ Wire Marker Booklets

Economical and Convenient Datacom/Telecom Write-On Cable Identification


What's special about these wire markers?

  • Easy and efficient, these labels are ideal for most cable and wire applications:  simply write, wrap and move on.
  • Each Booklet contains 10 pages of pre-cut, easy to apply self laminating markers.
  • Convenient 3” x 6” size fits into your pocket for easy transportation, or stores away securely in any size tool bag/box.
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Ziptape® Rite & Wrap™ Wire Marker Booklets are available in two label sizes to accommodate different cable and wiring applications. Each booklet contains 10 pages of pre-cut self laminating markers made of 0.004" thick clear vinyl film, using an acrylic adhesive and mounted on a silicone liner for easy release. More

Part # Width Length Marker Size Quantity Price
ZT-RWB60-BKLT 3" 6" 1" X 2.5" 60 per booklet
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ZT-RWB30-BKLT 3" 6" 1" X 5" 30 per booklet
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To apply the wire marker, first write your legend on the white, write-on surface available. Next, peel the label from the booklet and securely wrap it around your cable, with the transparent tail overlapping the legend.

  • Durable oil and water-resistant labels provide long lasting quality for use in almost any type of cable or wire application.
  • Aggressive acrylic adhesive holds true to the cable jacket, even under oily or moist environments.
  • Economic, low cost is ideal for time and cost-conscious jobs.
  • Pre-cut self-laminating vinyl labels are crisp, clear, and easily identifiable.
  • Film is recognized under UL 969 Marking Standards.

ZT-RWB60-BKLT 3" 6" 1 OZ 1" X 2.5" 60 per booklet
ZT-RWB30-BKLT 3" 6" 1 OZ 1" X 5" 30 per booklet


Physical Properties   Adhesion Properties
Thickness / Mil Film: 3.5   Adhesion From Expected Range - oz/in
  Adhesive: 0.8 - 0.9 Stainless Steel 65-100
  Liner: 3.1 Acrylic 60-95
Dimensional Stability (%) <0.5% Glass 60-95
    Expected Sheer (hours) 20
    Expecxted Exterior Life 2 yrs
    Service Temp. Range -40°F  to +176°F
    MInimum Application Temp. 50°F
    Storage Stability 2 yr stored @ 70°F and 50%RH
    UL Listed UL 969


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