Automatic Lighting Controls Save Energy and Money

BY: Christina Hansen


Automated lighting devices or programmable timers should be a standard fixture in the home, the office, in hotels and anywhere that there are appliances or lights that need to be switched on and off. These timers / controls provide convenience and security and equally important, they save energy.

These units typically work by utilizing photoelectric technology or a timer that sets the hours of usage or when to turn on and off.

Photocells or photoelectric sensors will turn lights on when daylight fades and night begins so that you are not walking into a dark environment.  This technology is good for indoor night-lights as well as outdoor lighting.
Clock Timers are ideal if you have specific hours of operation you desire for your lights or appliances.  Examples of clock timer functions are for turning security lights on and off when you are not home or starting your coffee maker in the morning so that you are ready to go as soon as you wake up! This technology is possibly the pioneer in the automatic control for home lighting and is still very popular.
Clock Timers
Countdown Timers are used primarily in public places to ensure that resources are not wasted.  You have likely seen these when you have turned on a jacuzzi’s jets, a sauna’s heat or bathroom lights.  It is often a dial you turn to the amount of time you desire.
Motion detectors are excellent for outdoor security lights if you do not like the idea of having your external lighting on all night.  Motion sensors are activated when someone, or something crosses in front of the area being monitored and are excellent for conserving energy.
Motion detectors