ZipTape Print-On Cable Label Sheets

Create Custom Printable Label Tags for Cables, Wire & More - In Color

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What's special about this printable label paper?

  • Numerous size labels available to print for when wires, hoses, tubes, etc. need to be identified
  • Each label can wrap-around to self-laminate, helping to preserve the printing
  • Label sheets are letter size to fit in all standard printers, and work with a template in Word, PDF or Excel format
  • Add color identification (if your laser printer has the capability)
  • Useful in applications for home theaters, networking, medical supplies, craft hobbies, & more!
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Stop hitting the print button repeatedly and waiting for each individual label to roll out of the label printer. Print a whole sheet of self laminating cable labels in one shot with ZipTape Print-On Cable Label Sheets in your laser printer. Completely customize the labels prior to printing, even using color, right on your computer.

Note: These products ship in 3-5 business days on ground orders
Please call for custom colors
* Not recommended for use in water or moist environments. **Does NOT work with Inkjet Printers**

Laser Printable Labels
Part #Label WidthPrintable Area HeightLabels Per SheetTemplate (Word Doc)Price
ZT-LSL-33-6022.00"1.50"8download template
ZT-LSL-34-6022.00"1.50"8Download Template
ZT-LSL-70-6030.50"0.37"156download template
ZT-LSL-71-6020.50"0.50"78download template
ZT-LSL-75-6031.00"0.34"84download template
ZT-LSL-76-6021.00"0.34"63download template
ZT-LSL-77-6021.00"0.50"49download template
ZT-LSL-78-6021.00"0.97"21download template
ZT-LSL-79-6021.50"0.75"16download template
ZT-LSL-80-6021.88"0.97"12download template
ZT-LSL-81-6020.80"0.50"54download template
ZT-LSL-82-6020.811"0.875"36download template
ZT-LSL-83-6021.167"0.875"18download template
ZT-LSL-84-6022.00"0.50"24download template
ZT-LSL-85-6022.00"0.75"16download template
  • These UV inhibited labels help to prevent fading when in use outdoors or indoors
  • Clear wrap-around seal to retard further degradation of your print
  • Available for laser printers, made of polyester material (we can produce a vinyl sheet for Dot Matrix printers)
  • Allows you to print in color
  • It contains 10 printing sheets on the 10 pack and 100 printing sheets on the 100 pack


General Description for Laser Labels:
A clear, polyester film with an ink receptive print area coated with a permanent UV resistant pressure sensitive adhesive. It is backed with a two-side poly coated backside printable lay flat release liner. The substrate is approved for indoor/outdoor use with occasional exposure to lubricating oil and water.

Product Data Value Test Method
Physical Properties
mil (micron)
Film: 0.50 ± 10% ASTM D 3652
Adhesive 1.0-1.1 ± 0.1
Liner: 5.8 ± 10%
Dimensional Stability (%) No shrinkage observed on Aluminum panel @ 160° F for 24 hr
Adhesion Properties
Adhesion from Average
oz/in (N/m)
Expected Range
oz/in (N/m)
Stainless Steel 46 (506) 30-60 (330-66) PSTC 1 (Modified for 72 hr dwell time)
Acrylic 37 (407) 25-55 (275-605)
Glass 43 (473) 30-60 (330-660)
Expected Shear
25   PSTC 7 (1 hr dwell, 1 sq. in, 4 lb load)
Tack (gm/sq cm) 330 150-450 ASTM D 2979
Expected Exterior Life 2 years
Service Temperature Range -40° F to 302° F (-40° C to 150° C)
Minimum Application Temperature 50° F (10°C)
Storage Stability Two years stored at 70° F (21° C) and 50% RH





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Questions & Answers


LSL-83C - Can you please tell me what LSL-83C, what does the "C" designate, the download template is only LSL-83, we received the product and it has a LSL-83C on the top of the page of each sheet

Asked by Anonymous user on 08/8/2014 2:08 PM

  • - Thank you for your question. As far as we are concerned, the C affects nothing. The manufacturer may have changed a part number, we have not been notified of any changes.

    Fernando M. on 08/19/2014 9:09 AM

Is a laser printer required for printing or will an ink jet work?

Asked by Anonymous user on 03/25/2017 9:53 AM

  • - Hello, The Zip-Tape Print-On Cable Label Sheets can only be used with a laser printer, they do not work with Inkjet printers.

    andrew b. on 03/27/2017 2:42 PM

Are the prices for just one (1) sheet of labels?

Asked by Anonymous user on 04/21/2017 10:59 AM

  • - Hello, No, these have 10 pages per package.

    andrew b. on 04/21/2017 2:34 PM

Are ZT-LSL-70-603 labels UL approved?

Asked by Anonymous user on 05/9/2017 12:03 PM

  • - Hello, There are no certifications for the self laminating labels

    Anonymous user on 05/12/2017 2:00 PM

Where do you get the word template for the software?

Asked by Anonymous user on 06/9/2017 5:56 PM

  • - Hello, On this page, right next to the price, you will be able to click on and download the template for these labels.

    Anonymous user on 06/12/2017 3:51 PM

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