Vutec LECTRIC I Series Motorized Projection Screens

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What's special about these front projection screens?

  • Available in either a 4:3 video format (ideal for classroom, office, and conference room environments), or in the latest HDTV 16:9 widescreen video format (perfect for use with the latest in home theater projectors)
  • High-quality, feature-packed screens available in wide range of popular sizes to accommodate almost any application
  • Motor-in-roller assembly offers quiet, dependable operation, and features the FRS™ (Fabric Relief Step) ribbed aluminum roller, which ensures that the screen looks beautiful every time by eliminate stair-stepping lines and bumps in the fabric
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ULCSA Approved

Vutec’s Lectric 1 Series of Motorized Video Projection Screens offers both home enthusiasts and business-class users an incredibly stylish, highly dependable and extremely durable viewing surface to complement almost any type of projector, where it’s standard or high-definition.

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4:3 Video Format
Part #DiagonalViewing Area FormatWeightPrice
VPS-LEC1-43-7272" - 183cm43.25" x 57.50" - 110cm x 146cm38 lbs
VPS-LEC1-43-7878" - 198cm46.75" x 62.25" - 119cm x 158cm40 lbs
VPS-LEC1-43-8484" - 213cm50.50" x 67.25" - 128cm x 171cm43 lbs
VPS-LEC1-43-100100" - 254cm60" x 80" - 152cm x 203cm50 lbs
VPS-LEC1-43-120120" - 305cm72" x 96" -182cm x 244cm60 lbs
VPS-LEC1-43-144144" - 366cm86.25" x 115.25" - 219cm x 293cm72 lbs
VPS-LEC1-43-160160" - 406cm96" x 128" - 243cm x 325cm80 lbs
VPS-LEC1-43-180180" - 457cm108" x 144" - 274cm x 356cm88 lbs
VPS-LEC1-43-200200" - 508cm119" x 159" - 302cm x 403cm100 lbs
16:9 HDTV Format
Part #DiagonalViewing Area FormatWeightPrice
VPS-LEC1-169HD-9292" - 234cm45" x 80" - 114cm x 203cm50 lbs
VPS-LEC1-169HD-110110" - 279cm54" x 96" - 137cm x 243cm60 lbs
VPS-LEC1-169HD-123123" - 312cm60" x 107" - 152cm x 272cm72 lbs
VPS-LEC1-169HD-147147" - 373cm72" x 128" - 183cm x 325cm80 lbs

These quality-made front projection screens are available in either 4:3 or 16:9 video formats, and come loaded with some of Vutec’s best value-added features such as the EZ-Mounting System and Fabric Relief Step.

  • Interfaces with low voltage relays, IR or RF remote controls, and includes a standard 3-position wall switch
  • Features the EZ-Mounting System for easy wall or ceiling installation
  • Heavy duty aluminum housing is available in either a white or black finish to complement the environment's surrounding décor
  • Comes standard with a matte white, fiberglass-reinforced vinyl screen and blackout backing for high video quality without object show-through or image distortion
  • 1.0 gain reflective surface provides a 180° viewing area with excellent color rendition when ambient light is controllable
  • Screen is washable and mildew resistant, while meeting requirements for fire-resistant and low smoke-production characteristics
  • Requires hardwired installation
  • Additional screen surfaces are available for special order; please call our helpful customer service line toll free at (866) 222-0030 for more information


side dimension for Vutec LECTRIC 1 isometric dimensions of Vutec LECTRIC 1 projection screen

Type Tubular design, asynchronous, capacitor start, 38RPM
Duty Intermittent duty. 1min. ON 1min. OFF
Electrical 120VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.95Amp, 110Watt
Features Built-in upper and lower limits, built-in electric brake, instantly reversible, three stages planetary gear design, built-in thermal overload protector.
Approval UL and CSA
Housing Components
Main Housing Extruded aluminum type 6063-T5 Alloy. Same material for mounting brackets
Endcaps Polystyrene plastic
Housing Finish White, black or gray powder
Screen Roller 2.5 inches diameter, 16-gauge (0.065) wall thickness, industrial grade steel tube
Roller Finish Flat black paint on exposed surfaces
Weight Bar Two 5/16 inch diameter steel rods. Inside sealed bottom pocket of screen
Supplied Accessories
Control: One Single Double Throw (SPDT) toggle switch with cover plate
Design Features
The screen has UL approval rating file number E103694. It can be wall or ceiling mounted. The mounting brackets are specially designed to mate and slide inside the housing back and top channel. The housing maybe locked into position by tightening a screw on each mounting bracket. Screen travel speed: 5.5 in/sec approx.






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