ArtScreen™ Flat Panel Display Masking System

Hide Your HD Display Behind a Work of Art

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What's special about an ArtScreen™?

  • At the push of a button, your high definition television is revealed from behind framed artwork, prints, or even a photograph of your choice
  • With dozens of frames and licensed artwork, plus the opportunity to use custom art or personalized photographs, the only limit is imagination
  • ArtScreen™ is available either in recessed or surface-mount versions to cover standard displays 32" and up
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Transform your flat panel television into a work of art with Vutec's ArtScreen™ Masking System. With just the touch of a button, the beautiful piece of artwork or photograph of your choosing retracts upward to reveal a video display within the artwork's frame. Suitable for home, executive suite or boardroom interior designs, ArtScreen™ will complement any décor.

Please Note: Standard ship time is 15 working days. Pricing below is for Group A level framing and does not include liner or artwork. Picking from a different group frame will increase the price.
To place an order, please fill out the ArtScreen™ Order Form and either fax it to 954-861-2001 or call us toll free 866-222-0030

Part #DiagonalDescriptionStarting Price
VPS-01-AS-4242" ArtScreen™ 42" w/ Surface Mount Kit $2,850.00
VPS-01-ASR-4242" ArtScreen™ 42" w/ Recessed Mount Kit $3,167.00
VPS-01-AS-5050" ArtScreen™ 50" w/ Surface Mount Kit $3,500.00
VPS-01-ASR-5050" ArtScreen™ 50" w/ Recessed Mount Kit $3,833.00
VPS-01-AS-6060" ArtScreen™ 60" w/ Surface Mount Kit $4,400.00
VPS-01-ASR-6060" ArtScreen™ 60" w/ Recessed Mount Kit $4,833.00
  • Includes IR Control System, wood frame, shell and motor, mounting hardware, and instructions
  • Optional RF Control System and Slim Line mounting available
  • Carefully packaged and shipped to make the installation a breeze
  • A vast array of frames, liners, and art prints available
  • Custom artwork must meet the guidelines set forth here


Surface Mounted Illustration Recessed Illustrations
surface-mounted artscreen specifications various artscreen recessed installation specifications







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