Digital Video Projectors & Projection Screens

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Whether you're setting up a home theater, a classroom presentation, or your latest business meeting, we've got the right projector for you. We've got digital projectors that can interact with your PC, USB, or memory card, and a great selection of screens to go with them: permanently tensioned screens, motorized retractable screens, and metallic based screens that can enhance the image for environments where ambient light can't be controlled. For the ultimate in hidden displays, we've even got a masking system that will conceal your HD screen behind a beautiful piece of retractable artwork!

Elevate Your Presentation with the Right Projector Screen

If you are looking to create a professional looking home theater, classroom, or business room with A/V capabilities, the right projector screen is the way to go. has many you can choose from including permanent screens, retractable screens, and even metallic screens for an enhanced image.
For your convenience, here is a breakdown of the screens we have to offer so that you can choose the one that is best for you.

The Lectric I RF

A motorized projection screen, this one is perfect for mounting right to a wall or ceiling. It has a built-in RF receiver for easy operation via a remote control or wireless wall switch. It is great for both personal home use and corporate users because it is stylish and dependable with an extremely durable viewing surface that works with almost any projector. It is available in a 4:3 video format or in the latest HDTV 16:9 widescreen video format.

The VU-EASY Permanently Tensioned Wall Screen

This screen is a great choice if you are looking for quality, value, a flat viewing surface, and custom sizing. It has an included bracket, and the fabric is secured to its frame with Velcro which assures a permanently tensioned screen. It features an enhanced finish that adds brightness and also offers precise image reproduction and a panoramic viewing angle.


If you are looking for plenty of features, this projector screen has it! The motorized screen has advanced housing for mounting to a wall or ceiling. It has outstanding quality for a fair price and heavy-duty aluminum housing. This screen is available in a 4:3 video format or in the latest HDTV 16:9 widescreen video format. It is also available in a wide range of the most popular sizes to accommodate most applications. The motor-in-roller assembly provides a quiet and dependable operation featuring the Fabric Relief Step ribbed aluminum roller to keep the screen beautiful.

The SilverStar High Gain Projection Screen

This model is ideal as a home theater screen or for use in schools or houses of worship. The reason is that it works even when ambient light can't be controlled. It delivers high quality, vivid colors and pictures to give the ultimate HD, 2D, or 3D experience. It utilizes 3D-A to drastically increase color and at the same time increase contrast in any kind of lighting. It has an 180 degree wide viewing cone so that it can be viewed from all angles.

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