Signamax™ Category 3 Modular-Telco Patch Panels

Fast and Easy Voice-Grade Patching Solution for Rackmount Applications

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What's special about these Telco patch panels?

  • Utilizes 50-position Telco-style connectors in a standard pin configuration to provide easy installation while offering users greater flexibility for multi-port premises connectivity
  • Available with either RJ-11 or RJ-45 jacks supporting 2- and 4-USOC wiring schemes, to accommodate a wide range of network or telecom voice solutions
  • Compact, high-density profile provides up to 48 ports for large capacity cross-connections, while only using up to 2U of rack space
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Signamax™ Category 3 Telco Patch Panels are available in 24- and 48-port sizes to provide high density cross-connection for telecom / datacom voice-level applications. These 19” rack mount patch panels include an integrated cable management / strain relief system to provide improved cable life, organization and system reliability.

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RJ-11 2-Wire (Active Pins 3-4)
Part #DescriptionPortsU (Rms)Telco ConnectorsWeightPrice
SX-24112-C3MUCAT3 Modular-Telco Patch Panel, USOC Wiring241U (1.75")Male Telco2 lbs
SX-24112-C3FUFemale Telco
SX-48112-C3MU482U (3.50")Male Telco4 lbs
SX-48112-C3FUFemale Telco
RJ11 4-Wire (Active Pins 2-5)
Part #DescriptionPortsU (Rms)Telco ConnectorsWeightPrice
SX-24114-C3MUCAT3 Modular-Telco Patch Panel, USOC Wiring241U (1.75")Male Telco2 lbs
SX-48114-C3MU482U (3.50")4 lbs
SX-48114-C3FUFemale Telco
RJ-45 2-Wire (Active Pins 4-5)
Part #DescriptionPortsU (Rms)Telco ConnectorsWeightPrice
SX-24452-C3MUCAT3 Modular-Telco Patch Panel, USOC Wiring241U (1.75")Male Telco2 lbs
SX-24452-C3FUFemale Telco
SX-48452-C3MU482U (3.50")Male Telco4 lbs
SX-48452-C3FUFemale Telco
RJ-45 4-Wire (Active Pins 3-6)
Part #DescriptionPortsU (Rms)Telco ConnectorsWeightPrice
SX-24454-C3MUCAT3 Modular-Telco Patch Panel, USOC Wiring241U (1.75")Male Telco2 lbs
SX-24454-C3FUFemale Telco
SX-48454-C3MU482U (3.50")Male Telco4 lbs
  • Meets and exceeds CAT3 transmission performance to provide excellent voice transmission
  • Each Telco connector is equipped with a Velcro strain relief bracket to safely secure 25-pair cable in either a 90° or 180° position
  • Easy to access rear Telco connectors greatly reduce installation time and maintenance when compared to punchdown-style terminations
  • Each jack is individually rated to withstand up to 750 plug insertions, to offer the highest level of reliability and system stability for fast-paced network environments
  • Connector contact plate provides enhanced plug-to-jack connection integrity while protecting against damage caused by insertion of 4- or 6- position plugs
  • Panel is constructed from high quality steel to provide maximum strength and durability
  • Ports are individually numbered, with additional space provided for easy labeling and port recognition
  • UL listed
  • FCC rated
  • IEC and EN compliant
  • Exceeds ANSI/TIA/EIA specifications
  • IEEE compliant


Transmission Performance
ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2: Category 3 (1 – 16 MHz) specifications
IEC 60603-7: Category 3 (1 – 16 MHz) specifications
Transmission Media
Modular jacks: Unshielded or Shielded 2- & 4-pair twisted pair (UTP/ScTP/FTP/SFTP) patch cords/equipment cables
Unshielded 12-leg (24-pair) twisted pair (UTP) adapter cables
Telco connectors: Unshielded 25-pair twisted pair (UTP) patch cords/equipment cables
Unshielded 12-leg (24-pair) twisted pair (UTP) adapter cables
Jack Type
8p8c (8-position, 8-contact) “RJ45” type
Wiring Scheme
Steel, PCB
Jack Contacts
Phosphor bronze, nickel plating with a minimum of 50 micro inches of gold plating in contact area
24-port: 19” rack mountable, 1.75” (1 RMU) high
48-port: 19” rack mountable, 3.5” (2 RMU) high
Operating Temperature
-14°F – 140°F (-10°C – +60°C)
ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2, IEC 60603-7,FCC Part 68, UL 1863
X.21, V.11, S0, ISDN, CSMA/CD 10BASE-T, TR 4
25-year component and system limited warranty


Wiring Scheme

Hydra Leg Patch Panel Port Port Position
1 2 3 4
1 1 13 25 37 White Blue Blue White Orange Orange
2 2 14 26 38 White Green Green White Brown Brown
3 3 15 27 39 White Gray Gray Red Blue Blue
4 4 16 28 40 Red Orange Orange Red Green Green
5 5 17 29 41 Red Brown Brown Red Gray Gray
6 6 18 30 42 Black Blue Blue Black Orange Orange
7 7 19 31 43 Black Green Green Black Brown Brown
8 8 20 32 44 Black Gray Gray Yellow Blue Blue
9 9 21 33 45 Yellow Orange Orange Yellow Green Green
10 10 22 34 46 Yellow Brown Brown Yellow Gray Gray
11 11 23 35 47 Violet Blue Blue Violet Orange Orange
12 12 24 36 48 Violet Green Green Violet Brown Brown







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