What is a UPS?

By: CableOrganizer®

When most people hear the acronym “UPS,” they may often think of the courier that delivers their packages. Let’s explore another use of that word and think outside the box with a “UPS” that also plays an important role in our daily lives: the Uninterruptible Power Supply. If you’re not too technologically savvy, don’t panic Uninterruptible Power Supply — or UPS — is just tech-speak for a device that supplies battery backup to other electronics in the event of a power failure.


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Uninterruptible Power Supplies fall into two categories. The first and most used type is known as a Standby or Offline UPS. Under normal circumstances, a Standby UPS acts as a sort of electrical middleman: it plugs into a wall outlet then distributes the AC power from that outlet to the other electronic devices it is connected with. UPS units typically also provide surge protection along with distributing power, but it’s not until the power goes out that an Uninterruptible Power Supply really jumps into action. As soon as a downward fluctuation or cease in electrical flow is sensed, the Standby UPS power-inverter instantly turns on to convert DC power from its battery into an AC current, which provides the devices under UPS protection with an alternate power supply.




The second, more specialized type of Uninterruptible Power Supply is referred to as a Continuous or Online UPS. The functions of a Continuous UPS unit are much more complex than those of a Standby UPS. Instead of distributing AC power from a wall outlet the way a Standby UPS does, a Continuous unit runs the devices that it’s powering on electricity from its battery. That battery is constantly recharged. The fact that a Continuous UPS doesn’t need to make the switch into battery mode means there is no time delay if the utility power fails. For this reason, Continuous UPS is primarily used in situations dealing with critical data or extremely sensitive components.

Using a UPS in conjunction with your computer or home theater equipment is the best way to prevent the data loss and damage that often come along with power failures. If you’re not already using one, visit CableOrganizer® for our wide variety of Uninterruptible Power Supplies. No matter what your needs and budget are, whether it is for personal use or medical grade systems, you are sure to find the perfect UPS to suit any application.

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