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By: CableOrganizer®

CableOrganizer® is proud to carry Kendall Howard® products, a company known for innovative server racks, enclosures, rack shelves, drawers, cable managers, computer workbenches, and rack accessories. These products help to organize and ventilate equipment for optimal airflow and performance. What are some of the Kendall Howard® product categories and items you can find at CableOrganizer®, as well as their functions?


wall mount

Server wall mount racks from Kendall Howard® are designed to store and securely set up server hardware, networking devices, and similar items. This rack style is tailored for spaces with compact footprints, including small offices, remote locations, and retail establishments. Wall mounting servers free up floor space, while keeping gear orderly. This rack type facilitates proper airflow and cooling. A rack of this kind enhances a space’s aesthetic for a cleaner appearance.


floor enclosure

This type of product is designed to accommodate a greater amount of IT items, including servers, routers, switches, and storage devices. Floor racks and enclosures can house and securely organize cable management trays within the racks to route cables, as well as provide adequate airflow and cooling for equipment. These storage units may provide locking mechanisms and similar security features, depending on the design. Certain models may have noise-reducing capabilities.



Kendall Howard® Computer Workbenches are another way to group IT devices. These stable workbenches are modular and customizable for various configurations. They are expandable to easily add items. These workspaces may have drawers and other areas to store paperwork, manuals, tools, and spare parts. They are ergonomically designed to provide for a workspace that reduces work-related injuries.



Rack shelves are mountable within racks and enclosures. They are storage options for components that cannot be mounted, including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Units and tower servers. This shelving makes systems accessible, promoting airflow within the racks. These shelves additionally make equipment easy to access and maintain.

Rack drawers are often secure and lockable storage options, that can be used to safeguard IT documents, parts, accessories, and more. They are intended to optimize space, while creating a neat appearance in the server area.


cable managers

Rack mount cable managers systematize and manage cables to create neatness and efficiency within server rooms, data centers, and networking environments overall. They are designed to provide vertical and horizontal cable management. These items offer airflow, cooling, and heat dissipation properties. Keeping cables in rack mount cable management systems makes them ready for expansion, upgrades, maintenance, and repairs, limiting downtime and accidental cable disconnections.

Shop at CableOrganizer® for high-quality Kendall Howard® products and accessories for all your IT needs.

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