VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® is the Perfect Gift with Over 50 Uses and Counting

By: CableOrganizer®


You may already be familiar with the power of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Wrap for organizing messy electronic wires and cables in your home, office, workshop, appliance areas, and garage. This solution works well in a range of cable and wire management applications, such as in place of cable ties, clips, and tape, in home theater installations. Their uses don't just stop there! They are absolutely one of the most versatile products. We’ve featured more than 50 ideas below, that stretch beyond cable and wire organization:


  1. Use them to gently lash young trees and climbing plants around stakes in your yard or garden.
  2. Wrap one around flower stems to keep a bouquet together.
  3. Have one in place as a temporary measure to secure a gate, to keep it closed or open.
  4. Wind up your garden hose and place a ONE-WRAP® around it.


  1. Hold together bundles of twine, ribbon, or rope, not on spools.
  2. Wind it around jumper cables to keep them neat in your car trunk.
  3. Wrap it around extension cords, so they stay organized on garage shelves or in closets.
  4. Place one through the handles of your hand tools, then hang the tools on peg boards.
  5. Stencils, templates, craft paper, and scrapbooking supplies, can be kept together.


  1. Wrap them around sets of markers or colored pencils to keep them bundled.
  2. Use various colors to color-code different kinds of stored cables, so you know if they go to your computer, home theater, or other places.
  3. It can be used to attach lightweight items, decorations, or signs, to walls, cubicles, and other places, without leaving behind adhesive residue.


  1. Use a VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® to keep microphone cords wound between gigs or karaoke sessions.
  2. Wrap one around rolls of shelf paper or wrapping paper to keep them from unrolling.
  3. Keep an umbrella closed by securing one around it.
  4. Fasten holiday garlands around stair railings and banisters, using several in strategic locations. These allow you to decoratively drape garlands or lights.
  5. You can also use it to hang Christmas stockings, wreaths, or secure ornaments and toppers to the tree.
  6. Use those same ONE-WRAP® Cable Wraps to keep your holiday decorations organized when you’ve put them away.
  7. Need a quick drink charm for glasses? Use one of the wraps around the stem of the glass, having a decorative name tag with a hole punched at the top, so none of your guest’s mugs are mixed up.
  8. Create a gift tag with a similar construction as you used for the personalized wine charms.
  9. Fasten a wire brush to your grill with one, so it’s always handy for cleaning.
  10. Loop one through the hole in your dustpan’s handle, to hang it easily on a hook.
  11. Keep the leftover chopsticks from your Chinese takeout together in your utensil drawer.
  12. Loop one through your measuring cup or measuring spoon handles to keep the whole set together.
  13. Wrap one through the holes at the top of your paintbrushes to keep them together as sets.
  14. Slip one through your dog’s leash to hang it neatly when it’s not in use.
  15. Organize the items in your emergency kit, keeping together first aid supplies, tools, flashlights, and similar essentials.


  1. Use different colors to wrap around a pair of your child’s socks, to keep the pair together and color-code them, so each child’s socks are sorted.
  2. Attach a set of house keys to your child’s school bag or backpack.
  3. Keep small toys of the same kind organized, like several stuffed animals, action figures, blocks, and similar items.


  1. When you’re wearing a scarf or have it hanging with your coat in your closet, loop one around your scarf and through the tag on your coat, so your scarf doesn’t get lost.
  2. Keep sets of bangle bracelets, rings, hoop earrings, or necklaces together in your drawer or jewelry box.
  3. Use to loop together different types of barrettes, such as threading a ONE-WRAP® through ponytail holders to keep them all together. You can also wrap one into a loop, and then attach small jaw-style hairclips — everything will stay together and be easier to find.
  4. Match up gloves and mittens in pairs before you store them, with the wrap keeping them together.
  5. You can also use these straps like bracelets to keep gloves or mittens snug around your wrists.
  6. Pull one through the top of belts to keep them organized on a ring-style system. A ONE-WRAP® can additionally be used to group together scarves or neckties.


  1. If you like to roll your clothes in your suitcase or bag when you travel, put a VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® around each piece of clothing to keep it from unraveling. It especially makes it easier if you want to rearrange your suitcase, without things coming undone.
  2. Use one to keep your beach towel rolled up, making it easier to carry.
  3. Wrap a brightly colored one around your suitcase handle so it’s easier to recognize at the baggage claim.
  4. When you’re traveling, roll up magazines using a ONE-WRAP® to fit them more easily into your purse or carry-on-bag, for in-flight reading.
  5. A VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® can keep tarps rolled up and organized for camping.
  6. If you need to hang up a camping lantern, thread one of these cable wraps through the handle.
  7. Have a broken strap or suitcase handle? Use one to temporarily hold it together until a repair is made.
  8. Use these straps while traveling to keep your fishing poles bundled.
  9. Secure your umbrella to your lawn chair or beach chair with one on breezy days.
  10. In a small plastic or cosmetic bag, use one around each of your charger or headphone wires. Cable clutter will never be a worry again in your travel bag because VELCRO® Brand straps keep them tidy and organized.


  1. Put a spare house key on a ring, thread it onto a VELCRO® Brand Wrap, and then wear it around your wrist, so you don’t have to carry a whole set of keys when you go out to run or walk the dog.
  2. Use it for sports equipment to keep it organized, secure, or even attached to racks, in a shed, garage, on a peg board, or other places.
  3. Roll up your exercise mats with a ONE-WRAP®.
  4. Wrap one on your bike frame to keep your water bottle holder, gym bag, or towel in place. You can even use it to attach your water bottle, or other items, to your backpack.
  5. Break a shoelace on your athletic shoes? Run several wraps through the eyelets instead.

Shop here to buy VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Wraps for all your wire and cable projects, plus many other exciting uses! Have one you’ve tried that isn’t featured in this article? Feel free to share it with our team at

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