Tool Carts

What do you do when you have too many tools to fit in a single toolkit? Don't just keep walking back and forth to wherever you keep your tools; bring the tools to you! Our selection of rolling tool carts allows you to make your tool storage portable, and conveniently bring all your tools right to where you need them. Several options are available to choose from, depending on how many tools you need to store and how organized you need them to be. We also have general purpose carts and platform trucks for hauling equipment.

How Tool Carts Can Make You Better at Your Job

Sometimes it takes an intricate discovery or invention to make one's job easier. Other times, it can be something as simple and obvious as, well, a tool cart. As obvious as it may sound, a tool cart can be an integral part of helping you to do your job easier. We're here to tell you why!

The Benefits of Tool Carts

As with most things we carry, there are plenty of options for you to choose from based on your needs. At, we know that variety is the spice of life and to accommodate all of our valued customers, we need different kinds of tool carts that offer different kinds of benefits.
We asked our staff for three of their favorite tool carts out of the selection we carry. It wasn't easy to narrow down, but here they are:


Staff Favorite Tool Carts:

The Excel Rolling Metal Cart. We love this product because of its versatility! It comes with two trays and is super handy for everything from tools to home items. We've even seen it used for fishing, boating, and hunting! It is made of durable steel and even comes with a lock so that you can secure your tools at job sites or at home. It has two locking and two standard wheels for safety.


The Greenlee Utility Cabinet. Think of this product as a cabinet on wheels! You can easily move it to wherever it is needed, and it gives you maximum storage capacity while taking up minimal floor space. It has four compartments so that you can easily store everything you need and neatly put it away.


The Good Old Caddies. Caddies help you transport items easily from one place to the other so you don't have to make multiple trips. We carry them in a few different styles, with one of our favorites being the hand truck wire cart. They have a sturdy built and can last few for years in various conditions.


Save Your Time and Effort!

Next time you find yourself making multiple trips for one simple job, stop what you are doing and get yourself a tool cart so that you save your time and effort. It's an easy way to keep everything in one neat spot, and also see and have access to everything you have.
As always, make sure your tools (and the cart too) are in good working order. By doing so, you'll make sure your job is done right, and you will also be keeping yourself safe!