Tool Boxes & Chests

Our tool boxes are durable and practical, whether you need a heavy duty rolling chest or a simple case for carrying your personal tools around. No matter how many tools you've got, we have a chest for you. How many drawers do you need? Two? Three? Six? Eight? Eighteen? Done. Want a convenient built-in work surface? We have that too. Need a box built to military specifications, that can withstand 5-foot drops, complete submersion, and extreme altitude changes? No problem at all. Take a look around, we've got you (and your tools) covered. Discover how to find the right tool box for you.

The Right Toolbox Will Have a Positive Impact on Your Work

There is no doubt that having the right tools can enhance your work. Tools are like extensions of your own two hands that allow you to get to places and complete jobs that you normally wouldn't be able to. Depending on your work and hobbies, you may have five tools, or you may have hundreds! Keeping them all together and organized is key so that you can optimize your use of them. carries a wide selection of tool boxes, chests, rolling carts, and more – built to help you do your job well and keep your tools safe.

The Benefits of Tool Organization

Keeping your tools organized has many benefits.

  1. Your tools will stay in good shape. If they are haphazardly thrown on the floor or into the back of your truck, they have a higher chance of sustaining damage. Same if they are carried in an unorganized way. Tools can get expensive, so caring for them is part of the deal when you buy them. The better you take care of them, the longer they will last you and continue to do their job well.

  3. You'll have everything located in one, easy spot. Rather than having to make trips back and forth to your truck, you'll be able to take all your tools everywhere you go. This will save you time, money, and frustration. Also, you won't have to go out and buy the tool you need if you are in a crunch and don't have it with you. Tool boxes and chests are a way to guarantee everything will be on location.

  5. You'll stay organized. Not only will your tools be conveniently located in one spot, but you'll be able to see them clearly and keep them organized. Many of our tool chests come with multiple drawers and compartments so that you can have designated spots for each tool. Some models are even equipped with a lip to prevent items from rolling out of place.

We have everything from basic tool boxes to serious utility cabinets and everything in between. Rolling cards allow you to move a lot of tools at once from space to space to eliminate trips back and forth. Some even come with a built-in work platform on the top, so that you have everything you need all in one convenient location.