MG Chemicals MGC-860 Silicone Heat Transfer Compound

Keep Heat From Damaging Your Valuable PC Boards


What's special about this silicone compound?

  • Transfers heat away from your electronic items such as: transistors, semi-conductors devices, ballasts (from simple to complex), and other electrical items to avoid damage and overheating
  • Will not become brittle when it dries so that its high thermal conductivity remains strong
  • High dielectric constant means your electronic component keeps its charge for longer periods of time
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MGC-860 MG Chemicals Silicone Heat Transfer Compound is highly conductive and will not harden when it dries. It is made for transferring heat away from all types of electrical and electronic devices. Excellent for use with heat sinks, transistors, semi-conductors and more.

Part #DescriptionShipping WeightPrice
MGC-860-60G2oz MG Chemicals Silicone Heat Transfer Compound0.7 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MGC-860-150G5oz MG Chemicals Silicone Heat Transfer Compound1.0 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • When properly applied there are no gaps between the surfaces and good thermal conductivity is maintained
  • Excellent for use with heat sinks, which will in turn protect your electronic from thermal damage
  • One year manufacturer warranty

   Physical Properties
  Test Method Non Silicone
Appearance Visual Off white / smooth paste White paste
Consistency ASTM D 217 310-320  
Specific Gravity
@ 25°C (77°F)
  2.5 min 2.3 min
Bleed %
24 hours @ 200°C
FTM-321 1.0% max 2.0% max
Bleed %
24 hours @ 200°C
FTM-321 1.0% max 2.0% max
24 hours @ 200°C
ASTM D-566 > 500°F (260°C)  
Max. operating temp.   200°C 200°C (consistent)
300°C intermittent
   Electrical Properties
  Test Method Non Silicone
Thermal Conductivity Hot Wire Method Heat Flow #36 °C 18.48 x 10-4 (K Factor, Cal/Sec cm•K) 0.657 W/m•K
Dielectric Strength
(0.05l gap)
ASTM D-149 350 V/MIL 400 V/MIL
Dielectric Constant @ 1000 Hz ASTM D- 150 4.4 3.81
Dissipation Factor
@ 1000 Hz
ASTM D 150 0.0021 0.0032
Resistivity @ 21°C ASTM D 150 6.38 x 1013 Ohm/cm 1.5 x 1015 Ohm/cm


Hazards Identification
NFPA RatingsHealth 1  Flammability 0  Reactivity 0
HMIS RatingsHealth 1  Flammability 0  Reactivity 0
Eyes Causes moderate eye irritation
SkinMay cause mild skin irritation
InhalationPossible dust hazard if particles are separated from the polymeric matrix
IngestionNone Known
ChronicNone Known
Fire Fighting Measures
Auto-ignition Temperature N/E
Flash Point260° C
Extinguishing MediaAll standard extinguishing media
General InformationWill burn if involved in a fire
Exposure Controls
Routes of Entry Eyes, ingestion, inhalation, and skin
VentilationNot required
Personal ProtectionWear appropriate protective eyeglasses or chemical safety goggles. Wear appropriate protective clothing to prevent skin contact.
Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical StatePaste
Odor Odorless
Solubility Insoluble
Evaporation Rate N/A
Boiling Point 300° C
Specific Gravity 2.4
Vapor Pressure N/A
Vapor Density N/A
pH N/A
Stability and Reactivity
Stability Stable at normal temperatures and pressures
Conditions to avoid Incompatible substances
Incompatibilities Oxidizing agents
Polymerization Will not occur
Decomposition Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, silicone dioxide, formaldehyde





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