Nelson Firestop CPS™ Composite Sheet

Intumescent Barrier For Your Through Wall Installations


What's special about these intumescent fire barriers?


Nelson CPS™ Composite Sheets are constructed of a rigid elastomeric material and allow you to seal penetrations and maintain fire rated floors or walls. These sturdy panels can be cut to fit over an opening, or the items running through it, to create a secure fire rated barrier.

Part #DescriptionDimensionsWeightPrice
NFS-AA545Nelson Firestop CPS 24 x 36 Composite Sheet Barrier24" x 36" x 5/16"21.5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
NFS-AA546Nelson Firestop CPS 36 x 36 Composite Sheet Barrier36" x 36" x 5/16"32 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
NFS-AA547Nelson Firestop CPS 36 x 41 Composite Sheet Barrier36" x 41" x 5/16"34.5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Constructed of a 5/16” thick elastomer that is bonded to 28-gauge galvanized steel, reinforced with hexagonal steel wire mesh, and bonded to aluminum foil
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your application
  • Allows you to maintain the fire rated integrity of walls or floors in pass-through installations
  • 2-hour rating complies with ANSI/UL263 and ASTM E-119
  • ASTM E814 and UL 1479 rated for use in through-stop fire penetrations


Ideal for:

  • Cable tray
  • Large floor or wall openings
  • Telecommunications cabling systems
  • Power cabling systems



  Physical Properties
Asbestos Filler none
Solvents none
Hazardous Ingredients none
Intumescent Expansion Activation Temperature Initial > 250° F
VOC Content negligible
Volume Increase 4 to 10 times
Material Thickness 0.28" to 0.36"
Relative Vapor Density (air=1) not applicable
Specific Gravity @ 68° F (water=1) 1.4
Solubitilty in Water Insoluble
Evaporation Rate (n-BuAc = 1) not applicable
Melting/Freezing Point  > 500° C (932° F)
Boiling Point  > 800° C (> 1472° F)
pH not applicable
Vapor Pressure, mm Hg @ 20° C not applicable
Partition Coefficient (n-octanol / water) not applicable
Odor Threshold not established
Appearance, Odor, & Color Gray rubber composite attached to a steel sheet on one side
  Test Compliance
  ASTM E-119 and UL 263, Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials
ASTM E-814 and UL 1479, Test Method for through stop fire penetrations






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