The Power of the Integrated Systems

BY: Christina Hansen


By: Middle Atlantic Products

Complete and professional installations are the result of proper planning for a fully integrated enclosure system. A fully integrated enclosure system incorporates four essential values that work together to ensure system reliability: the mounting system, thermal management, cable management and power distribution. The mounting system is the foundation, and incorporates time and labor saving features, addresses space constraints, structural needs, is compliant with applicable construction/building codes, and meets the aesthetic needs of the environment. Maintaining an optimal internal operating temperature is the goal of thermal management, and is critical to system reliability. The primary purpose of cable management is to maintain the integrity of the signal, and facilitate installation, upgrades and servicing of the system. Power distribution is needed in every system, and proper planning to ensure that all grounding protection and distribution needs are met is critical to ensure that the system performs properly.

Middle Atlantic Products offers a complete line of engineered mounting solutions that come together to provide a complete, integrated enclosure system.


Mounting System

DWR Rack

Thermal Management

  • Thermally designed racks and enclosures feature engineered  ventilation locations, top options and accessories allowing the specifier or installer to design a passively or actively cooled system
  • Cooling options, including a proportional speed thermostatic fan control, extend equipment life and reduce maintenance requirements
Thermal Management

Cable Management

  • Engineered enclosures accept an extensive selection of lacing options
  • Removable knockouts for cable pass-through
  • Abundant cable lacing points simplify cable management
  • Most rack top options feature a removable 2 rack space service plate for easy removal of top option without disturbing cable bundles
Cable Management

Power Distribution

  • Electrical products range from vertical strips to rack mount units with modular, configurable, space saving and sequencing capabilities
  • Multiple circuit, outlet, termination and protection options are available to fit the individual needs of each application
Power Distribution