Protecting Your Pets & Children with Corrugated Wire Loom Tubing


Cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets...they see household wires as play things, as chew toys. That not only causes damage to appliances but also puts the animals at risk of being shocked or strangled.

We were really pleased when our customers started telling us about the innovative ways they use our cable covers to protect both domestic and wild animals.

  • Domestic pets: Cheryl Page of Houston, Texas has two cats, Daniel and Tater, who love chewing on electrical cords. After they ruined a few appliances, Cheryl found online and ordered 100 feet of split wire loom, a durable polyethylene cable cover. She bundled her various cords into the loom and says it not only prevents her cats from biting them but also gives the wires a neat, organized appearance.
  • Wildlife: SeeMore Wildlife Systems, Inc. of Homer, Alaska makes camera equipment to monitor wildlife behavior. That means a lot of cable gets exposed to the elements. The company needed a way to protect this costly investment so they did an experiment. They put carrots inside a length of metal braided sleeving (a mesh- like wire loom) and subjected it to four ravenous rabbits. The rabbits tried hard but the sleeving passed the "tooth test" with flying colors, so the company took the next step. They installed it over cables at a wildlife monitoring project in Yellowstone National Park where the sleeving is still at work, deterring gnawing animals like rodents and porcupines, and even withstanding being trampled by bison. Company president Daniel Zatz says, "I plan to use the metal braided sleeving on new wildlife installations this spring, such as harbor seal and sea lion sites in Alaska."

Cable covers are inexpensive, easy-to-install products that can protect animals from harming - and being harmed by - electrical wires at home, on the farm, and in the wild.