Reasons Every Network Technician Needs a Good Tool Kit

BY: Christina Hansen


network collage

As a Network Technician you are responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting complex voice and data networks. With the integration of newer, faster, and more complex network technologies into existing older networks the professional network tech has to be more flexible than ever.

Network tool kits from are built to accommodate a range of cabling types, termination and connector systems. Whether you work on Ethernet networks, twisted-pair (10base-T) LANs, fiber optic networks or a combination of data and voice equipment, we have a kit for you! We have kits designed for maintaining small office networks as well as kits to handle even the largest campus-wide installations.

When you come to the point where you need to start terminating and testing different network cables you will soon realize how many different types of cable there are, and how many different tools are required.

Network/Coaxial Installers Tool Kit

The best choice is obviously to get a kit that comes with all the tools already in one package, and as well provides a case to organize and transport them so you don't misplace or lose any. Kits are in-expensive and more economical than spending the time to find and buy each tool individually.

The 81pc Network / Coaxial Installers Tool Kit has been specifically tailored for the installation & repair of Ethernet (Coax) networks. No more paying for tools you don't use. The Coax Network Tool Kit includes 81 of the most requested network tools, including five tools specifically for stripping and terminating thinnet (10BASE2) or thicknet (10BASE5) coax wiring. Once armed with this kit you're ready to work in any coax network environment.