IP Ratings (Ingress Protection)

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The protection of enclosures against ingress of dirt or against the ingress of water is defined in IEC529 (BSEN60529:1991). Conversely, an enclosure which protects equipment against ingress of particles will also protect a person from potential hazards within that enclosure, and this degree of protection is also defined as a standard.

The degrees of protection are most commonly expressed as "IP" followed by two numbers, e.g. IP65, where the numbers define the degree of protection. The first digit (Foreign Bodies Protection)shows the extent to which the equipment is protected against particles, or to which persons are protected from enclosed hazards. The second digit (Water Protection) indicates the extent of protection against water. The wording in the table is not exactly as used in the standards document, but the dimensions are accurate.

The first digit in the rating is the protection against contact and foreign bodies. The second digit in the rating is the water protection factor. The third digit in the impact protection factor It is normally displayed in the format below.


IP s l (i)

s = solids, l=liquids and i= impact (optional)


First Index - Foreign Bodies Protection, Solids
Index Protection against Human/Tool Contact Protection against solid objects (foreign bodies)
0 No special protection
1 Back of hand, Fist Large foreign bodies, diam. >50mm
2 Finger Medium-sized foreign bodies, diam. >12mm
3 Tools and wires etc with a thickness >2.5mm Small foreign bodies, diam. >2.5mm
4 Tools and wires etc with a thickness >1mm Granular foreign bodies, diam. >1mm
5 Complete protection, (limited ingress permitted) Dust protected; dust deposits are permitted, but their volume must not affect the function of the unit.
6 Complete protection Dust-proof


Second Index - Water Protection, Liquids
IndexProtection against waterProtection from condition
0No special protection
1Water dripping/falling verticallyCondensation/Light rain
2Water sprayed at an angle (up to 15º degrees from the vertical)Light rain with wind
3Spray water (any direction up to 60º degrees from the vertical)Heavy rainstorm
4Spray water from all directions, (limited ingress permitted)Splashing
5Low pressure water jets from all directions, (limited ingress permitted)Hose down, residential
6High pressure jets from all directions, (limited ingress permitted)Hose down, commercial.
eg. Ship decks
7Temporary immersion, 15 cm to 1mImmersion in tank
8Permanent Immersion, under pressureFor use on Titanic recovery vehicle


Third Index - Impact Protection, Impact
IndexProtection against impactEquivalent mass impact
0No special protection
1Protected against 0.225J impacteg. 150g weight falling from 15cm height
2Protected against 0.375J impacteg. 250g weight falling from 15cm height
3Protected against 0.5J impacteg. 250g weight falling from 20cm height
4Protected against 2.0J impacteg. 500g weight falling from 40cm height
5Protected against 6.0J impacteg. 0.61183kg weight falling from 1m height
6Protected against 20.0J impacteg. 2.0394kg weight falling from 1m height


UmbrellaIP-01 or IP-02 depending on umbrella
Chain link fenceIP-10
Chicken wireIP-20
Kevlar clothIP-40
Tent (camping)IP-42
Saran wrapIP-51
Bottle of wineIP-67