E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape

EZ Drywall Finishing for Professional and Do-It-Yourself Installers

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What's special about this gypsum drywall board tape?

  • Designed with an aggressive adhesive that creates a superior bond with gypsum board after wetting
  • Center creased for easy corner application, which helps to reduce installation time and frustrating mistakes
  • Saves you an entire step compared to conventional methods, resulting in an overall quicker installation time and reduction in labor and material costs
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The E-Z STICK drywall tape for gypsum drywall board provides professionals and do-it-yourself installers with a one-of-a-kind taping system that saves time, and eliminates frustrating mistakes associated with the hard-to-use alternatives, such as fiberglass mesh or pre-mud required tapes. For professional results, E-Z Tapping Systems™ have now introduced their patent pending E-Z Stick applicator. Equipped with a built-in water bath, this applicator allows you to go directly into applying the E-Z Stick drywall tape to your gypsum board, saving you even more time.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
EZ-08419-99125125' x 1.89" Wide Roll EZ Stick Finishing Tape1.00 lb
  • Made from one layer of paper with no top release liner, for fast and convenient application to drywall
  • Ultra thin construction allows for easy spreading of joint compound
  • Feathers easy, and allows you to evenly spread joint compound without worrying about the application knife snagging on the edges of the tape
  • Includes trilingual packaging and easy to comprehend instructions to greatly increase the chance for success of first time installers
  • Stronger and easier to apply than fiberglass mesh tape or regular drywall tape


PART # EZ-08419-99125 EZ-08419-98250
Type Paper Drywall Tape Paper Drywall Tape
Length 125 ft 250 ft
Width 1.89" 1.89"
Weight 1.00 lb 1.50 lbs
Applicator Compatible YES YES
Adhesive Activated with Water Activated with Water






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