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Rackmount Cases

rolling rack bags

Standard and Rolling Rack Bags
GATOR introduces Rack Bags, perfect for the professional on the go. Able to accommodate up to 4 rack spaces worth of equipment, these GATOR specialties are available with a removable hand and wheels for a suitcase-style rolling rack bag, and are perfect for use on the road.

GATOR Standard Polyethylene Rack

Standard Polyethylene Racks
Built of tough and lightweight polyethylene, these ATA-compliant travel racks are perfect for transporting music gear and networking equipment by plane or vehicle.

GATOR Standard and Powered Rolling Rack Cases

Standard and Powered Rolling Rack Cases
GATOR introduces the Rolling Rack series for those with the need for performance on the go. Powered versions of the rolling racks are available as well for an easy, fast, set up. Powered racks feature a master on/off switch, 5 outlets (4 rear, 1 front), and a resettable 15-amp circuit breaker.

Gator Shock Rack Cases

Deluxe Polyethylene Shock Rack Cases
Equipped with rubber shock absorbers to deflect travel-related jolts, these ATA compliant cases provide the ultimate on-the-road protection for rack mounted music equipment.

Gator Roto Mold Cases

Roto Mold Rack Cases
Made of super tough rotationally-molded polyethylene and equipped with front and rear covers, these cases protect on-the-road equipment from impact while keeping it easily accessible.

LCD/Plasma Monitor & Screen Cases

LCD Screen Covers

LCD/Plasma Screen Cover
Designed to fit over mounted LCD and plasma screens, these water-blocking covers protect flat panel displays from moisture, dust, and being jostled while they're not in use.

Gator LCD screen case

Lightweight LCD Monitor Carrying Case
Made of extra-tough 600 denier nylon casings lined with shock absorbing foam and tricot, these screen cases allow you to safely and conveniently transport LCD monitors to multiple locations.

LCD/Plasma Screen Cases

Rotomold LCD/Plasma Screen Cases
Designed to transport LCD and Plasma flat screens without damage, these ultra-tough cases feature a molded screen support system, customizable foam lining, and unbreakable handles.

LCD/Plasma Screen Road Cases

G-Tour LCD/Plasma Road Cases
Designed to meet ATA specs, these cases accommodate LCD and plasma screens up to 60” in size, and can be customized with included foam wedges for a perfectly secure fit.

LCD/Plasma Screen Lift Cases

G-Tour LCD/Plasma Screen Lift Cases
Gator's hydraulic lift cases are not only convenient for displaying your 55" or 65" screen at conferences or during presentations, but also protect your investment by keeping them clean, neat and in working order.

Laptop Cases and Projector Cases

Gator Laptop and Projector Case

Rolling Laptop and Projector Case
Equipped with a crush-proof outer shell, padded interior, lockable latches and recessed wheels and pull handle, this case lets you easily and securely roll your laptop and projector through airports when traveling to presentations.

Laptop Cases

Heavy Duty Roto-Molded Rolling Laptop Case
Perfect for use in aircraft, military and travel/trade show applications, these roto-molded cases can accommodate up to 8 laptop computers and their cables, and feature built-in pressure release valves for automatic equalization during altitude changes.

TSA Projector Cases

TSA Projector Cases
Designed to keep projectors and other electronic presentation equipment safe from damage during air travel, these cases cradle devices in two types of shock-absorbent foam and effectively block out contaminants while allowing for easy inspections by TSA personnel.

Rack Accessories

Rack Mount Drawers

Lockable Rack Mount Drawers
With spring-loaded latches and a knockout to accommodate a keyed lock, these drawers let you securely store limited-access components right in your server rack.

Gator Rack Mount Shelves

Rack Mount Shelves
Available in vented, solid and sliding versions, these shelves feature rear flanging and rugged 16-gauge construction to give sturdy support to rack mounted A/V equipment.

Gator Universal Shelf

Universal Mounting Shelf
Perfect for battery packs, routers, and components that can't be mounted directly to rack rails, this mounting shelf is equipped with all standard mounting hole schemes, so that components can be safely secured to prevent theft and accidental falls.

Gator Flat and Flanged Rack Panels

Flat and Flanged Rack Mount Panels
Designed to block unauthorized access to rack mounted equipment though open rack space, these panels neatly and securely "fill in the blanks" between components.

Gator Vented Security Panels

Vented and Security Rack Mount Panels
Designed for security and increased airflow, these panels prevent unauthorized access to network equipment while maximizing air circulation.

Gator Rackmount Cable and Wire Management

Rack Mount Cable and Wire Management
Designed with future efficiency in mind, these rack mount cable managers keep network cables organized and concealed, so they stay out of the way and are easy to identify for maintenance.

Gator GE-PDU-6-UL, GE-PDU-12-UL, GE-PDU-18-UL

Rackmount Power Distribution Strips
Capable of mounting horizontally or vertically, these rack mount power strips provide a space-saving supply of 110V power for 6 or 12 components.

Gator Cases Rack Fans and Fan Panels

Rack & Enclosure Fans
These ball-bearing fan are designed to cool quickly, so that your rack mount components run as smoothly as possible.



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