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ReelCraft Power Cord & Light Reel

Power Cord and Light Reels
Ideal for garages and workshops, these reels provide you with versatile light and power whenever you need it, and can be mounted to the wall or ceiling for convenient space-saving access.

Medical Grade Cord Reel with Power Receptacle

Medical Grade Electrical Cord Reel
Ideal for hospitals, surgery centers, and pharmaceutical and food-processing environments, this stainless steel cord reel is passivated to prevent contamination in sterile areas.

dual spool stacked Safe-T-Reels

Ideal for storing and organizing welding cords, power cables and hoses, these reels are constructed of non-conductive composite for electrical safety, have hand cranks for easy operation, and are available in both single and dual configurations.

GFCI Outlet Box Reels

ReelCraft GFCI Outlet Box Reels
Designed to provide you with a GFCI receptacle whenever and wherever you need it, this retractable power cord/outlet box combo is perfect for equipment protection in garages and workshops.


Hand Crank Reels

CU Series General Use Hand Crank Reels
Perfect for lighter duty hose applications with pressures up to 250psi, these hand-cranked reels give you a way to smoothly wind up excess hose length to prevent breakage and tripping hazards.

ReelCraft Heavy Duty Reels

Heavy Duty Cord and Cable Storage Reels
Able to wind up and store hundreds of feet of electrical cable, these heavy duty steel reels can be operated by hand, bevel, or motor, and protect cables from breakage due to mishandling.

Stainless Steel Reels

Stainless Steel Reels
Equipped with a multi-position arm that allows it to be mounted to a wall, ceiling, floor, pit or truck, this non-corrosive reel keeps cables and hoses off the floor to prevent them from being damaged.

Cart w/ Reel

Side Mount Cart Handle, 602328

Side Mount Cart Handle
Designed to attach right onto the side of existing 6" and 12" 30000 Series cord reels, this wheeled cart handle lets you easy store, access and transport reeled cables and hoses from jobsite to jobsite.

ReelCraft 37000 trailers and carts

37000 Series Hose Reel Trailers and Carts
Available in models that can be pulled by hand or attached to off-road vehicles, these reel carts and trailers have shock-absorbing pneumatic wheels to make jobsite reel transport easy.



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