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When you're dealing with a company that's dedicated to delivering the highest-quality and most innovatively designed cable management products, you know you're going to get something good. Founded in 1994, Massachusetts-based ACT Fastening Solutions may not be the oldest cable tie manufacturer on the block, but they're among the best, with an ISO-rated, fully automated facility that produces a wide range of zip ties and installation tools, all of which meet UL and CSA safety standards in both the United States and Canada (many of their products meet MIL-specs, too). If you're looking for effective, efficient and easy to use wire management products, ACT Fastening Solutions are the way to go.

Cobra Low Profile Cable Ties

Cobra® Low Profile Cable Ties
Featuring a zero-clearance head that won't snag or damage surrounding materials, these low profile cable ties are ideal for use with safety equipment, control panels, playground equipment, hoses, and appliances.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Ideal for maritime, mechanical, food-processing and sterile environments, these stainless steel cable ties offer high tensile strength and the ability to stand up to chemicals, moisture, radiation, vibration, and extreme temperatures.

ACT Cable Tie Removal Tool

Cable Tie Removal Tool
Designed to safely and efficiently remove zip ties from bundled cables and packaged goods, these cable tie cutters feature safety guards that prevent damage to surrounding materials, and are available in multi-taking models that can also strip wire and remove lacing cord.

magnetic cable ties

Metal Detectable Cable Ties
From / 100pk
Perfect for use in manufacturing and food service environments, these plastic-coated aluminum cable ties can be easily detected by safety scans and removed via magnet to prevent liabilities stemming from foreign material in your final product.


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