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Table Boxes

FSR CAT5 Table Top Grommet

T3-MJ RJ45 Table Top Boxes
If you donít need 10 jacks in your table box, donít buy them. This 1-outlet desk outlet is great for mounting microphones or making Ethernet connections in a large variety of applications.

FSR T3 Cable Pull Table Box with Dual Data and Power

T3 Cable Pull Table Boxes
Combining the benefits of tabletop power outlets and data/AV ports with permanent data cables, this table box lets you plug laptops and other equipment in for a presentation even if you forgot your own Ethernet cables.

FSR T3 Single User Table Boxes

T3 Single User Table Boxes
This unobtrusive power/data box is no bigger than a desk grommet, providing a single user with 2 power outlets and 2 data ports in a 3.25" diameter.

FSR T3U-1 Tilt Up Table Top Box

T3U-1 Tilt Up Table Top Box
With the capability to mount a high volume of power outlets and data ports into a conference table, this box gives the flexibility to change configurations at any time.

FSR T3U-2 Tilt Up Table Top Box

T3U-2 Tilt Up Table Top Box
The smooth, low profile design of this box is able to house multiple access boxes in the same table, but closes flush to leave you with an uncluttered work surface.

FSR T3U-3 Tilt Up Table Top Box

T3U-3 Tilt Up Table Top Box
Four AC outlets and optional data port configurations provide your desktop or conference table with plenty of customized, easy-access plug-in points.

FSR T6 with 3 AC Aluminum Round Cover with IPS plates

FSR® T6-AC3 Table Boxes
This desk outlet provides the solidity and levity you need for years of service in your conference table or workstation.

FSR Tilt n Select Desk Modular Outlet

FSR® Tilt ní Select Desk Modular Desk Outlet
This desk outlet provides the solidity and levity you need for years of service in your conference table or workstation.

FSR @-Gang Desktop Wall Plate Mount

FSR® Desktop Wall Plate Mounts
Bring the wall to your work surface with these convenient table boxes.

Wall Boxes

Recessed and Surface-Mounted Wall Box

Recessed and Surface-Mounted Wall Boxes
Perfect for offices, school, and anywhere else you need tamper-free network connections, these boxes can be recessed or surface mounted, and feature locking clear acrylic doors for extra protection.

WB-X2-GNG with White Cover opened

Plasma/LCD Connection Wall Box
Ideal for use with HDTVs, digital signage, and electronic billboards, this recessed box hides behind wall mounted flat panel displays to provide connectivity without the visible cables.

WB-X2-GNG with White Cover opened

WB-X Series Wall Box
Featuring a discreet design that won't protrude from the wall, these boxes provide secure in-wall cable access points, complete with built-in wire management, throughout your home.

FSR 3 and 4 Gang Front Access Wall Boxes

3- and 4-Gang Front Access Wall Boxes
Perfect for the security and A/V industries, these lockable front-access wall boxes provide extra protection for cable connections and control panels, and can be easily installed in new or old constructions.

FSR Outdoor Wall Box OWB-X

OWB-X Outdoor Wall Box Series
Created especially for A/V and IT installations, these weatherproof enclosures shield power cables, components and connectors against outdoor elements.

Floor Boxes

floor box

RFL-QAV Floor Boxes
The RFL-QAV floor boxes are large floor boxes that are perfect for raised floor applications requiring audio, video, and power access in one location.

500P Floor Box

500P Floor Box
Versatile floor box allows you to install power, audio, video, telecommunications, and data ports all in one location.

fl-600P floor box drawing

600P Floor Box
The 600P is large floor box with 11 gangs that allows you to install power, audio, video, telecommunications, and data connections.

SmartFit Floor Boxes

SmartFit Floor Boxes
Specially designed for use in poured concrete floors, these boxes let you build A/V connections right into your flooring, wherever you need a plug-in point.

High Load Capacity Floor Boxes

High-Load Capacity Floor Boxes
Built with rugged heat-treated aluminum to stand up to heavy foot traffic in ballrooms and convention centers, these floor boxes allow you to integrate power, data and A/V directly into poured concrete floors.

Ceiling Boxes

CB Series Ceiling Box

CB Series Ceiling Box
Perfect for schools, churches, conference rooms and other environments in which you may not want visible equipment racks, these boxes let you mount projectors and network equipment out of sight, right in the ceiling.

core top shel wallmount enclosure

C.O.R.E.™ Top Shelf Wall Mount Enclosures
Free up floor space with this wall mounted overhead rack enclosure that can house up to 4U of network components or ac receptacle units.

CB-224 ceiling box

Plenum-Rated 4RU Ceiling Box & Projector Mount
These ceiling enclosures are designed to host a variety of network and A/V connections, and feature rack space for mounting up to 4U of equipment. Two models are available with retractable projector poles for maximum space efficiency.


FSR Digital HDMI Ribbon Cable

FSR® Active HDMI Digital Ribbon Cable
From / 33 FT
These innovative active cables bridge the gap between distance, speed, and cost in longer, more complex runs.

FSR HDMI Audio Converter

FSR® HDMI Audio Converter/Separator
This audio video separator lets you keep your existing audio system and upgrade your display.

FSR Lite-It enclosrue box LED light

FSR Lite-It Enclosure Box LED Light
This compact magnetic work light delivers ample lighting to your enclosure box, tool box, network rack, or other small work area.

FSR DR-Sock Cable Pulling Sleeve

FSR® DR-SOCK Cable Pulling Sock
This cable pulling eye protects your cables from pulling damage at the most sensitive spot: the termination.

4-gang wallplate with 2 IPS and 2 Decora openings

IPS Wall Plates, Rack Mount and Under Table Mounts
Perfect for conference rooms or hotels, these custom A/V and data connections come in the form of wall plates, under-table mounts or rackmount panels, and are available in IPS or IPS/Decora styles.


IPS Inserts
Designed to be mixed and matched to your exact specifications, these power, voice, data and A/V inserts allow you to effortlessly customize faceplates, desk outlets and wall boxes for work and home.


Computer Video Distribution Amplifier
FSR's CDA-2 Computer Video Distribution Amplifier is a convenient splitter for when you need two buffered video signal outputs.

PoE to USB Power Adapter

PoE to USB Power Adapters
Perfect for use at home, in the office, or in trade show environments where AC receptacles may not be conveniently placed, these power adapters draw power from RJ45 PoE cables and convert it to USB power to charge mobile devices.



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