ERICO® CADDY® Electrical and Low Voltage Fasteners and Supports  Erico


Erico Caddy Mounting Plate Brackets (non-metallic)

CADDY® MP Series Mounting Plates
From per 100
ERICO® CADDY® MP Series Mounting Plates come in various sizes and can be installed in most standard sizes of dry wall. They virtually eliminate all need for tools when installing wall plates on a new construction and are tightly secured with a serrated interlocking system for a better grip on the drywall.

ERICO Caddy Stabilizer Clip

CADDY® Fixture Mount Stabilizer Clip
From / 100 per pk
Designed to stabilize ceiling-mounted signage and fixtures, these stabilizing clips work with square or hex-shaped electrical boxes, and eliminate ceiling tile bulges.

Low Voltage Versatile Thread Impression

CADDY® Low Voltage Versatile Thread Impression
From per 20
Using this one product in dozens of different drywall applications will allow you to eliminate the need for stock and tool equipment.Combine many of the Thread Impressions for use with multi-gang devices, and see how this product helps you eliminate the issues of size and shape.

ERICO Caddy J-Hook

CADDY® J-Hook CAT Link System
They provide a wide bend radius that reduces cables friction and offers less vertical cable compaction. These cable supports come in several sizes so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, and allows to easily change as your needs change. Can be used with a wide variety of cable, including CAT 6a, CAT 7, large diameter optical fiber and coax cable

electrical box bracket, TEB23

CADDY® Electrical Box Bracket
Designed to help you easily identify the mounting orientation of electrical boxes and plaster rings, this bracket makes installations quicker, and prevents damage to drywall.

Within Wall Plate

CADDY® Within Wall Mounting Plate
Built to mount inside your wall, this mounting plate lets you install faceplates without any gapping, and prevents damage to cable lines by limiting plate movement.

TSGB Erico Caddy box mount brackets

CADDY® Adjustable Box Mounting Brackets
From for 50 pk
Designed to precision-mount conduit and electrical boxes in non-standard installations, these adjustable telescopic brackets feature sliding rails, marked measurements and foldable end tabs for easy attachment to studs.

CER4 Cable Support

Caddy CER4 Non-Metallic Cable Support
Price / 100 per Pack
Designed to keep cables secure and undamaged behind drywall, these supports mount onto studs to keep cables clear of nails and screws during construction and repairs.

electrical box support

Caddy® Telescoping Box Support
Perfect for mounting electrical boxes or mud rings at any point between two studs, this bracket allows you to pre-affix gang boxes off-site, and can then be custom-adjusted later during on-site installation to precisely fit any stud spacing between 12 and 24 inches.

EMT and Rigid Conduit Clamps

Caddy® EMT and Rigid Conduit Clamps with Bolts
From / 100 per pack
Ideal for mounting rigid conduit from 1/2" to 4" in diameter to walls, studs and ceilings, these clamps are available in galvanized or stainless steel, can be installed vertically or horizontally, and require only a screwdriver for installation.


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