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Charge Stations


SpaceStation Desk Organizer and Laptop Docking Station
Minimalist, clean design gives you the most functional desk and cable organizer ever. Ergonomic angle reduces stress on your wrists, and allows additional airflow under and around laptop.

Sanctuary Power Charging Station

The Sanctuary Power Charging Station and Desk Valet
The Sanctuary is the ultimate charging station and desk organizer. It has 12 built in connections that are compatible with over 1500 of today’s most popular electronic devices, one of which includes a USB connection provides a hundred more possibilities.

USB Charge, Sync Cable

USB Charging Cables
Designed for use with BlueLounge’s charging stations and even your laptop or PC, these short USB adapter cables let you easily connect devices for charging or data transfer without having to deal with cluttering excess cable length.

bluelounge kii inside a pocket

BlueLounge® Kii™ Portable iPhone/iPad Charger
The Kii™ is probably the coolest portable charger for the iPad/iPhone ever made.

Cable Management

Application of CableDrop cable clips

CableDrop™ Cord Clips
Perfect for computer workstations and anywhere you keep portable gadgets, these simple and stylish cord clips stick onto smooth surfaces with a self-adhesive backing to grab cables by their connectors, keeping them tangle-free and ready for use.

Application of CableClip cord wrap

CableClips™ Multi-Purpose Cord Wraps
Perfect for managing gadget cords at home, in the office or on the go, these simple and stylish rubberized cable clips have a pinch-free design that grips cables firmly while helping protect them from damaging bends and kinks.

Cableyoyo, cable wrap

Mounts onto gadgets, walls or dashboards so you can wind up low voltage earbud, cell phone, and USB cables to exactly the length you need.


Designed to conceal messy desk or home theater cables in just seconds, this clean-looking box lets you drop in power strips, plugs and excess cable lengths to keep them hidden from view.

Sumo cable manager

Sumo™ Desktop Cable Manager
Perfect for use on everything from desks to nightstands, this weighted cable manager traps cable connectors at the edge of tabletops so that disconnected computer and gadget cables stay within easy reach instead of falling to the floor.

BlueLounge CableBin Cable Manager Applicatio

BlueLounge® CableBin Cable Manager
There are tons of easy ways to achieve cable management in the workspace, but very few look this good!

SmartPhone & Tablet Stands

BlueLounge Milo Smartphone Holder

Milo™ Smartphone Holder
Designed to hold any smartphone both vertically and horizontally, this docking station makes it easy to view videos, playlists and incoming calls hands-free, and has sleek styling to complement modern home and office décor.

Nest Tablet Organizer

Nest iPad™ and Tablet Stand
Perfect for iPads™, Kindles™, and other tablet-style gadgets, this modern and compact stand allows you to "float" your tablet at either of two angles for easy two-handed operation or hands-free viewing.

Bluelounge Mika tablet stand with a Tablet on it

BlueLounge® Mika™ Tablet and Laptop Stand
Less is more with this tasteful, effective tablet/laptop stand by BlueLounge.


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