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Abesco Intumencent Caulk, CP310

CP310 Fire Rated Acrylic Intumescent Caulk
Designed to seal and prevent the spread of fire from one compartment to another wherever cables, wires, or other services pass thru firewalls and/or floors.

Abesco Expanding Foam, 20424

FP Fire Rated Expanding Foam
A fire rated polyurethane expanding foam designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another through gaps and voids of fire rated walls or floors.

Abesco Firestopping Cable Transit

CT 120 Cable Transit
The Cable Transit firestop is suitable for common types of construction including concrete floors and walls, gypsum drywall assemblies, and rated wooden floor constructions.

Abesco Pipe Collar application

Z240 Pipe Collars
Ideal for hotels, residence halls, office buildings, retail centers and other multi-compartment buildings, these fire collars seal off fire-melted plastic pipes to prevent flame spread between rooms or levels.


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